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Scott Galloway

Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of the Prof G and Pivot Podcasts. For Scott Galloway speaking inquiries, email

Homepage March 2

I Do

Marriage dates back to ancient societies. Our ancestors needed a safe environment in which to have children and a way to handle property rights. Marriages based on love didn’t become popular until the Romantic Era. The engagement ring, a custom dating back to ancient Rome,…

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Trojan Horse February 23


right /rahyt/ noun 1.    a moral or legal entitlement What are our rights as humans, US citizens, or residents of Florida? I've been thinking a lot about rights lately as, like so many things, when they become scarce you start getting very fond of them. We…

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NMNM fish February 16

Valentine’s Day

Apologies in advance for any expletives, upset/angry about yet another mass shooting of children and the cowardly whores who infest our Congress (my cowardly whore is Marco Rubio, FL, $3.3M from the NRA). Who is yours? Actually, not fair to call these guys/gals whores, as…

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Gut February 9

Gut vs. Emotion

My Esquire piece on big tech getting bigly (I know, I know…) is live online and hits newsstands next week. What. A. Thrill. Gut vs. Emotion Instinct is powerful, and useful. We’re blessed with millions of years of experience that register a strong sense you…

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nmnm February 2

Favorite Number

An excerpt from an upcoming feature in Esquire. When the subject of monopolistic behavior comes up, Amazon is quick to cite its favorite number, 4%. It’s the share of US retail Amazon controls (online and offline), and only half of Walmart’s market share. It's a…

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blog January 26

Filters & Prayer

Your kids don't worry that lying on top of you during Outrageous Acts of Science will be inappropriate or unwelcome. Affection from offspring is immensely rewarding, as it's raw — no objective, no expectation, no filter. Just a natural urge to feel your warmth and…

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No Mercy January 19

HQ2 Much

There are several reasons to call for the breakup of big tech: — weaponization of the platforms by adversaries — teen depression — monopoly power — restraint of competition — recognition the true consumers are firms (e.g., advertisers) who incur harm — market failure The most recent neon red flag of…

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nm2 January 12

Passive-Aggressive Activism

Activist investing has been a successful asset class for decades. I spent a hot minute as an activist, puking myself on to corporate boards over the objections of families (Sulzbergers), governors (Rick Snyder was chairman of Gateway), and fishermen (Eddie Bauer). The key attributes of…

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Trillion January 5

Annual Letter from Planet Earth

To my sister Heather, who lives on Mars: Though we missed the Mars retrograde, and are farther from each other than I'd like, it seems as if an update from Earth on the state of the planet is in order. We are headed into our…

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