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Scott Galloway

Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of the Prof G and Pivot Podcasts. For Scott Galloway speaking inquiries, email

May 5

Cash & Denting the Universe

Cash & Denting the Universe Apple has pulled off the near-impossible in the world of business. Their genius alchemy of design, brand, and vertical integration (stores) has brought together flavors never seen in the same dish — a premium-priced product and a low-cost producer. This…

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April 28

Are You an Entrepreneur?

Are You an Entrepreneur? The traits of successful entrepreneurs haven’t changed much in the digital age: you need more builders than branders, and it’s key to have a technologist as part of, or near, the founding team. But methinks there are 3 tests or questions:…

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April 21

Losses Are the New Black

Losses Are the New Black The relationship between investors / shareholders and firms has largely been the same for a century: We (investors) will fund losses for 1-3 years, and then you (firm) begin making profits you distribute back to us. No more. The firms…

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April 14


Re-Accommodated Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines and, no joke, "PR Magazine Communicator of the Year," had an awful week. Oscar is now on an “apology for the apology” tour after turning lemons into cyanide. There are only 3 things, just 3, to remember about…

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April 7

The Long Tail Has New Life

The Long Tail Has New Life Of the top 100 CPG brands, 90% lost share and two-thirds lost revenue in 2015. These declines are in the face of overall category growth. The big brands have smart people, executing well — I work with a bunch…

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March 31

Back to the Past

There are several shorthand measures to determine if an industry is about to get disrupted (consultant-speak for “bitch-slapped”). I was self-conscious that using that word was a hate crime, so I googled it: bitch-slap verb US informal deliver a stinging blow to (someone), typically in…

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March 24

Reckoning in Retail

Reckoning in Retail Analysts have been bearish on retail for several years, but the sector kept marching on. Stagnant wages, an overstored America, changes in consumer purchase behavior (like buying more coffee and phones and less of everything else), fast fashion, and Amazon have created…

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March 17

Algorithms and Pork

Algorithms and Pork We've accepted the notion that algorithms, specifically Google and Facebook's, control our lives, nudging us toward what we read, believe, and covet. According to Oxford, an algorithm is "a process or set of rules to be followed." I like that... Sort of…

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March 10

Last Exit to Brooklyn

Last Exit to Brooklyn We sold L2, the firm I founded in 2010, today to Gartner (NYSE: IT). The transaction is, undeniably, a good / great thing for the employees and shareholders of L2 and should / will be a win for Gartner. Some thoughts…

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