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Scott + DOJ/FTC = ❤️

Scott Galloway@profgalloway

Published on June 7, 2019

P.S. More of my love letter to DOJ & FTC on today’s Pivot with Kara Swisher.



  1. Benjamin Rohé says:

    I think it’s time to take a more European approach on the international Tech Market – besides GAFA, it’s also important to look at Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and Xiaomi

  2. Adam Gordon says:

    I’d love to see them more if I thought that anything that they did might be effective, right, and unlike a plan created by glue-sniffing 12-year-olds.

  3. spinpat says:

    What about the argument by breaking up the FANG we are weakening our position towards our major competitors Tenscent, Alibaba, etc.

    • Surender Singh says:

      Here comes the whataboutery warrior. Good way to open argument that leads straight to massive failure.

  4. Shridhar says:

    Fully in sync with what you said….these big tech companies have to be regulated almost as of yesterday….we are a quite late, but still can do well if we step in

  5. Karen says:

    1) so glad you are calling Facebook, Amazon, Google out 2) when are people going to realize the huge environmental cost of online shopping? Care to start a new movement?

  6. Jim Barber says:

    Clip shows are a TV staple for sitcoms. Please don’t be a sitcom. What does “we are capitalists” even mean? It’s a good sound bite, but you need to expand on that. I started following you when you did in depth presentations with lots of data and unique insights about what it meant. It’s hard work, I know, but no one sold you a ticket.

    • mark says:

      totally agree with your comments, Jim. Seems like Scott has gotten more polarizing (along with Kara Swisher) – they have become caricatures in some ways. they used to have great analysis. I know MANY people who can’t listen anymore because they are insulting tech people, putting others down, being very arrogant. do you remember when kara and walt did great interviews (like w Steve Jobs). they have totally totally totally lost their focus….

  7. jason says:

    you keep repeating the same thing about breaking up these companies. you used to have great detailed analysis but now you seem super partisan and non objective. why not just regulate specific things instead of break up the companies? For example with Facebook, undo the WhatsApp and instagram mergers. with amazon, frankly don’t see what there is to break up. don’t think you’ve made the argument to be honest. when self driving cars exist, that will allow same day delivery for almost everything and provide significant competition to amazon, won’t it?

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