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Scott Galloway

Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of the Prof G and Pivot Podcasts. For Scott Galloway speaking inquiries, email

January 27

Fool Me Twice…

Fool Me Twice... My second board meeting at The New York Times Co., I made an impassioned (arrogant / belligerent / me) argument for turning off Google — not letting them crawl our data. The worst business decision across print media firms of the last…

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January 20

PlatformG & The Funky Bunch

PlatformG & The Funky Bunch Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google (the Four Horsemen) are some of the most successful organizations in history. They've created enormous value for consumers and stakeholders and wield the influence of nation states. I aspire to be uber cool/successful just like…

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January 12

Cadillac Sucks Less

Cadillac Sucks Less I shared a summer house in the Hamptons with a guy named Matt who worked at a hedge fund. Matt was nice, handsome, and drove a brand-new Cadillac CTS, which, I believe, served as an effective prophylactic for Matt the entire summer.…

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January 6

Retail’s Anti-Christ

Retail's Anti-Christ Too many stores, flat wages, changing tastes, and Amazon have created the perfect storm for retail. Today, all retailers are getting shelled. All, that is, except one. Amazon has become the Prince of Darkness for retail and occupies a unique position, inversely correlated…

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December 22

Gone Rogue

Gone Rogue I'm taking my boys to see Rogue One this afternoon and pretty much can't focus on anything else. First off, the word "rogue" is awesome. However, the true meaning of the word, not so much: 1. a dishonest or unprincipled man “You are…

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December 16

Miscalculated Metrics

Miscalculated Metrics Facebook (again) incorrectly reported data on viewership and shares. Facebook reported the issue as “miscalculated metrics.” However, if your mistakes are consistently in your favor, then they aren’t mistakes… they’re lies. The social network benefits from an election season where lying evolved from…

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December 9

Race to a Trillion

Race to a Trillion Amazon will be the first $Trillion market cap firm, and the green flag was dropped this week. Apple and Uber created more shareholder value (since '08) than any public/private firm(s) The key to their success was the iPhone and GPS ordering/tracking,…

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December 2

I Hate Myself Less and Less Every Day

I Hate Myself Less and Less Every Day We spend $20k/month on snacks and alcohol at L2. At my first job, Morgan Stanley, I had (no joke) a chair thrown at me (I deserved it) and my boss wore suspenders every day (nobody deserves that).…

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November 25

Fake News…

Fake News… Story of the week is FB, GOOG, and Amazon are legs of the fake news stool. However, Facebook and Google don't want to be thought of as media or news companies. News Flash: They are. They (or their consumers) produce content, garner eyeballs,…

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