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Fallen Children’s Day

Scott Galloway@profgalloway

Published on May 24, 2018

Since before the Civil War, in spring women would lay flowers, wreaths, and flags on the graves of fallen soldiers. What was known as Decoration Day became an occasion for family gatherings and “dinner on the grounds” near family gravesites and churches. After the Civil War, the hundreds of thousands of slain soldiers required the building of national cemeteries, and Decoration Day gradually became known as Memorial Day, when we pause and ponder those who’ve died for our country.

Our freedoms and prosperity are correlated to the commitment of our citizenry and the service of our soldiers. However, this Memorial Day I’m not thinking of our fallen heroes, but our fallen children. A recent article in the Washington Post highlighted a disturbing stat: more children have been killed in school this year than soldiers deployed overseas. So, moms, if you’re worried about your kid, just pull them out of high school and have them enlist.

We’ve lost the script…

We howl at the NRA. But they are doing their job. The NRA exists to make any argument and repeat any lie that results in the incremental sale of a gun. They’re doing their job. It’s our general public that’s failing. Failing to elect officials who enact their constituents’ desire to bring an end to the insanity. Our representatives shrug their shoulders and vomit a narrative of “there’s no way to prevent this,” in the only nation where this continues to happen.

Similar to love, the weather, and George Michael, it’s difficult to describe these things with words. So, below is an image we’ve assembled expressing a fear that we’re barreling toward a new, obscene holiday: Fallen Children’s Day.

Life is so rich,



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