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Scott Galloway

Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of the Prof G and Pivot Podcasts. For Scott Galloway speaking inquiries, email

March 31

Back to the Past

There are several shorthand measures to determine if an industry is about to get disrupted (consultant-speak for “bitch-slapped”). I was self-conscious that using that word was a hate crime, so I googled it: bitch-slap verb US informal deliver a stinging blow to (someone), typically in…

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March 24

Reckoning in Retail

Reckoning in Retail Analysts have been bearish on retail for several years, but the sector kept marching on. Stagnant wages, an overstored America, changes in consumer purchase behavior (like buying more coffee and phones and less of everything else), fast fashion, and Amazon have created…

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March 17

Algorithms and Pork

Algorithms and Pork We've accepted the notion that algorithms, specifically Google and Facebook's, control our lives, nudging us toward what we read, believe, and covet. According to Oxford, an algorithm is "a process or set of rules to be followed." I like that... Sort of…

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March 10

Last Exit to Brooklyn

Last Exit to Brooklyn We sold L2, the firm I founded in 2010, today to Gartner (NYSE: IT). The transaction is, undeniably, a good / great thing for the employees and shareholders of L2 and should / will be a win for Gartner. Some thoughts…

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March 3


Scarcity Scarcity is key to irrational prices. Beachfront property is scarce and, regardless of the economic cycle, is always super expensive. You can also manufacture scarcity with similar results (crazy-town prices). Spoiler alert: Hermès could produce more Birkin bags and yet decides not to. The…

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February 24


Musings on the week from @profgalloway Hunger I've been thinking a lot about success lately, its underpinnings, and if it can be taught. Talent is key, but that will only gain entrance to a crowded VIP room. Kind of like Platinum Medallion on Delta —…

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February 17

Virtuous Reality

Musings on the week from @profgalloway Virtuous Reality I'm in Dallas for a board meeting. Something wonderful, and unexpected, happened at Dallas Forth Worth airport. (When’s the last time you heard “wonderful” and “DFW airport” in the same sentence?) I was turned away from the…

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February 10

Dead Canary

Dead Canary In 1999, I and a gaggle of other SF internet founders and CEOs went to an airfield where we browsed private jets. It made sense that, at 34, I should have a one-bedroom apartment to transport me across the surface of the atmosphere…

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February 3

Benjamin Button Economy

Benjamin Button Economy The more moving passages of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" are about the efforts of a father, heartbroken after losing his son to war, to design a clock that would reverse time and bring his son back. The…

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