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Warby Snarker

Scott Galloway@profgalloway

Published on November 18, 2016

Warby Snarker

Snap’s glasses (“Spectacle”) have received positive, if not enthusiastic, reviews, and snap gets kudos for making vending machines cool again.

The firm also confirmed an IPO projected to command a $25B valuation. The first trade (open to hedge funds and institutions, so … not you) will be peak Snap as Zuck has his sights on Snap. Facebook should just call their next product (wait for it) Snapchat.

There is evidence that FB is already creeping up on the video messaging platform as L2 data on Nike’s efforts show:

So, in a man-bites-dog scenario, Warby Parker announced they are no longer an eyeglass company but a messaging platform.

Also, congrats to Snap CEO on his engagement to supermodel Miranda Kerr-If I had a nickel for every supermodel that falls for a Stanford’s D-School grad … (so predictable).

It’s easy to root for Snap as the planet needs an option other than the Genghis and Khan of digital marketing who now account for (no joke) 103% of growth in digital:

The firm is projected to do $250mm in revenue in 2016 setting the $25B valuation at 100x revenue. Or, put another way, fucking crazy.


A Beautiful Mind

Last week, co-founder (btw, I’m THE founder, damn it) Maureen Mullen presented an overview of our 2016 Digital IQ Index: Beauty where she predicted Too Faced was about to be acquired-so good ,,, so good. Click here for more detail on her thinking and who might be next.

This week was our 100th episode of “Winners & Losers.” Thank you to our dozens and dozens of fans.

Every Founder and CEO is sharing their election emails sent to their troops. Here is mine.

Life is so rich,



  1. Michael says:

    Dear Prof Galloway, thank you for all the posts throughout the years! Link to your election email to not work anymore, would you mind sharing it again?

  2. CT says:

    you have come a long way

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