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Scott Galloway

Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of the Prof G and Pivot Podcasts. For Scott Galloway speaking inquiries, email

January 12

Peak Hollywood

You are where you spend time. And my boys, like the rest of America’s youth, are TikTok. When asked whether they’d prefer TikTok or all other streaming platforms, tomorrow’s business/civic/military leaders pick the former. TikTok is the most consequential Asian import since … Datsun. Datsun…

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January 5

2024 Predictions

Each year, we review/make predictions re the past/coming year. Most years, we hit more than we miss. But we do miss — if we made 10 predictions that all came true, that wouldn’t be predicting but stating the obvious. The caliber of a prediction is…

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December 22

What We Leave Behind

The full scope of how the Covid pandemic changed our world may not be clear for another generation. The deluge of official inquiries, political brawls, think pieces, and books (I wrote one) that have come out in the past few years are first drafts. They’re…

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December 15

Prof G Person of the Year

After a disastrous day of congressional testimony, Penn’s president and board chair resigned, and the presidents of Harvard and M.I.T. are under intense pressure. The cause is easier to diagnose than the mechanics of the firing. Over the past several decades, universities have morphed from…

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December 8


Humans have been writing for five thousand years — and drinking longer. Archeologists recently discovered a 13,000-year-old beer in a cave near modern-day Haifa, Israel, and there is archaeological evidence of alcohol consumption around the globe by 5000 BCE. Alcohol’s draw is a cocktail of…

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December 1


I just paused my Hulu subscription — pretty sure that means I’m blackmailing Bob Iger. The real tragedy of Andrew Ross Sorkin’s interview with a co-founder of OpenAI is that ketamine addicts deserve a better spokesperson. But that’s another post. The collapse and rebirth of…

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November 22

The Line

OpenAI, summary of events: The board fucked up and fired CEO Sam Altman, but over the next several hours/days the situation was unfucked. As of this writing, the state of play is Altman is back as CEO and a majority of the board has resigned.…

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November 17


The tsunami of private capital that crashed against digital innovation after 2008 shaped a new economic entity: the unicorn. Among private companies valued at over $1 billion, the two that marked the era were Uber and WeWork. Uber was the second tech company to breach…

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November 10


I spent the first 30 years of my life not worried enough about things I could control. And the last 10, too worried about things I have almost no control over. That’s accelerated over the past few weeks, but there’s a silver lining: I’ve been…

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