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Scott Galloway

Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of the Prof G and Pivot Podcasts. For Scott Galloway speaking inquiries, email

March 15


The market is shaped by psychology, not financials. And the psychology around IPOs has been in trauma since retail investors were run over by a semitrailer whose mud flaps read SPAC and Rate Hike. Winter came for IPOs, and we’re still waiting for the thaw.…

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March 7

The Algebra of Wealth

      My next book is the product of a lifetime spent as a founder, professor, parent, and mentor. The Algebra of Wealth contains 300 pages of insights and hard lessons drawn from experience, paired with the best research on the foundational question of…

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March 1


Each year we pick a Big Tech stock we think will outperform its peers. In November 2022 we picked Meta as our stock of 2023. For 2024 our pick is Alphabet. I believe Alphabet has been over-punished for its flaccid response to AI, as Meta…

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February 23

Corporate Ozempic

If you want to understand how AI is reshaping business, picture it as the other massive innovation of our time: GLP-1 drugs. Both shed weight by suppressing cravings; both exacerbate existing inequities (aka the rich get richer) before generating wider prosperity; and both are having…

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February 16

Dopa Bowl

Other than AI, gambling may be the fastest-growing $10-billion-plus industry in the U.S. A record 43 million Americans (1 in 6 people over the age of 18) bet on this year’s Super Bowl, wagering a total of $23 billion, a 35% jump from last year’s…

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February 9


Last week’s quarterly flogging of tech executives made for good theater. It’s a show meant to make us feel something before we return to our lives. American media soon pivoted to something more important and more American, money. Meta announced earnings on Feb. 1, posting…

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February 2


Eight of the country’s elite colleges settled a lawsuit last week, agreeing to pay $118 million for colluding to match financial aid offers — price fixing. The schools deny any wrongdoing, but writing checks for $118 million does not signal innocence. The complaint lays out…

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January 26

Quitting Time

Few virtues are more celebrated in America than perseverance and grit. Commencement speakers offer a similar battle cry: “Never give up!” Jesus, what bullshit. Entrepreneurs aren’t voted into the hall of fame unless they have a story about mortgaging their house to make payroll or…

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January 19


Aftershocks — second-order effects — can shake the ground far beyond the original shift in tectonic plates. Few predicted that an unprecedented increase in interest rates would turn mortgages into handcuffs and send housing prices skyrocketing. Or that mobile phones could facilitate a bank run.…

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