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Scott Galloway@profgalloway

Published on January 22, 2021

3-min read

The most striking thing about this abnormal inauguration? The normalcy. 

The normalcy of a president speaking calmly. Speaking of unity and of a nation coming together. A president who is credible when he says it. 

The normalcy of a previous, if not the prior, Republican president, saying to the incoming Democrat, “Mr. President, I’m pulling for your success. Your success is our country’s success and God bless you.”

The incoming president taking his oath to protect the Constitution on a Bible that has been in his family since 1893. Not using a borrowed book for a photo opportunity amidst clouds of tear gas.

46 knows loss and knows grief, and will draw on those experiences to preside over a nation that is losing 4,000 souls a day to a pandemic. It’s the exact right time for Biden to be president, with his ability to console, to grieve, and to unify. 

Biden did just this even before becoming president: At the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, he honored the 400,000 Americans who have already died during the pandemic. 

His predecessor’s last act was to pump his fist in defiance, brag about his “accomplishments,” and fly away just after dawn to a blaring “My Way.” 

The damage of social media and Fox News propaganda remains: 73 percent of Republicans still believe the 2020 election was marred by widespread voter fraud. The hate machines whir on.

As Yale Professor Tim Snyder put it, Trump is “a president who doesn’t believe in choosing presidents.” This week the nation chose a president whose theme was “unity,” not “carnage,” and who promised that if we come together as a nation, “I guarantee you, we will not fail.”

The market mirrored the incoming president’s optimism: The S&P 500 registered the best Inauguration Day return since Reagan’s second term. 

And so we saw the return of serious people doing serious work. At her first press conference, Jen Psaki said that while we “will disagree … we have a common goal, which is sharing accurate information with the American people.” On Inauguration Day four years ago, Melissa McCarthy’s double raised his voice in an attempt to gaslight the nation about crowd size. 

The day was moving and sincere. I couldn’t shake the shock of normalcy. To have once again a figure in power who speaks in a decent, dignified, unifying manner. 

A president who had the confidence and humility to cede the stage. For surely he knew the highlight would not be his inspiring words at all, but the words and presence of a 22 year-old poet, Amanda Gorman, who set the nation on a new and welcome course:

And yet the dawn is ours

before we knew it

Somehow we do it

Somehow we’ve weathered and witnessed

a nation that isn’t broken

but simply unfinished 

The new dawn blooms as we free it

For there is always light,

if only we’re brave enough to see it

If only we’re brave enough to be it     

This was an emotional day, and it felt as if the nation collectively exhaled.

I’m an atheist…but God bless America, the 46th President, and Amanda Gorman. Oh, and this guy.  

Life is so rich,

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  1. Jromanovky says:

    The normalcy? Are you serious!? I’m glad to be rid of the previous guy but I think maybe you should poke your head outside of your current echo chamber once in a while.

  2. richard coon says:

    Ok, we’ve got executive orders for everything under the sun right now…My question is who is writing the EOs? We know it’s not slo joe, so who is the puppet master??

  3. JohnnyM says:

    I don’t know about you, but the last four years have been my best 4 years ever. My income went up, my taxes went down, my IRA skyrocketed and my family in the military came home. Whatever you might say about Trump as a person, when it came to improving my lot in life, he succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. Take a close look at your own life and tell me if you are really worse off then you were under Obama.

    • Another White Guy says:

      Johnny is thrilled that his account is up $70k over the last four years. He loves that he’ll only pay a 15% tax rate on those long term capital gains. Maybe he still can’t afford a medical emergency, but he can buy a PlayStation 5! Thanks billionaire class!!

    • JohnnyM says:

      @Another White Guy My health care is actually better than it was 8 years ago. I can shop across state borders now. I am no where near the billionaire class now, and i wasn’t 4 years ago. Just add it all up and tell me you were worse off at Nov 3rd than you were 4 years ago. Lets deal with facts instead of your Playstation reality.

  4. Kirill says:

    Mr. Biden speaks much better. Let’s hope he could manage it better. In 2020 we lost personal freedom, then we discovered masks and vaccines work. And what we got, so far? New travel restrictions, embassies still closed… and people still couldn’t complete their imigrattion

  5. James says:

    How sad for our country that Joe Biden is considered an improvement.

    • Susan says:

      Biden is decent, he’s kind, he’s empathetic and he will hire competent people. Maybe a low bar for president, but one Trump was so far below he couldn’t even see it. Lovely not to wake up every morning wondering what fresh hell he perpetrated overnight.

    • James says:

      Thanks, Mom! Love Joe

  6. marc says:

    Bravo Sir Scott!

  7. JRuss says:

    Seriously though…what’s the over/under until Harris is president? Surely no one expects Uncle Joe to go four years…

  8. Fred Williamson Miller says:

    Excellent article Prof, thank you. I just hope that Joe can avoid the distractions that sidetracked Clinton and then Obama, the powerful and rich supporters of all 3 may have had and still have an agenda that does not include “the people in need” say less than $50000 in income/wealth. Is it possible to get to the millions in that category who voted for republicans or did not vote and show them that the help is not just for dems but is equally for them….not available ever via Trump and his morons? That is, Joe is going to help them and their children and their grandchildren, he is in their best interests. If this does not happen big, just like for Clinton and Obama, the impending mid terms will see a slaughter of dems all over the block. Move billions from other programs, defence and others, to move to balance the budget, maybe even pay down some debt. Use the Rand Paul penny program but add another penny every 3 months. It can be done. Sure hope Joe gets it done. Fred

  9. Basil Latif says:

    Beautifully said, Scott

  10. Louise TP says:

    It was a long 4 years. #sighofrelief welcome home Mr Biden. Now let’s get to work. Each of us in our lane.

  11. Beth Heppenstall says:


  12. Callum says:

    Huge missed opportunity to call this post ‘normalicy normercy’ or some derivation of that play on words

  13. Henry Hayes says:

    I come here every week just to laugh at the comments of the Fox News poisoned-brain crew who couldn’t find the unsubscribe button if it hit them in the side of the head 😂😂😂

  14. Tee says:

    Reading this made me so happy and I couldn’t agree more. Then ‘Return of Mack Fauci’ made my heart explode

  15. David Flanagan from Ireland says:

    Nail on the head stuff Mr Galloway. We have been following events in the us for 4years and most of the folks in Ireland hoped for Biden to win. Now our lives here in Ireland can have normalcy of our TV viewing. Half of Ireland watched the inauguration live. I know people who stopped their day jobs to watch. The normalcy was a treat to see and hear. Ps. I bought my first ever book online in December. It was yours, and it’s the 3rd book I have ever purchased for myself. I am only half way through but I am really happy I purchased it. Stay safe

  16. Stanley curnow says:

    I read your email I found it very interesting thank you very much I would like to know more thank you

  17. Lynn. says:

    You’ve lost my respect and subscription. Your comments are as unfounded in reality as many of the people now in Washington.

    • Sam says:

      How many times does a Democrat president have to come and clean up a verified mess left by a republic predecessor for you to realise this is not normal. Bush junior brought 2 wars that couldn’t be one and a deregulation mess that cause the Great Recession. Obama and the dems did turn this around without the help of the GOP in congress and then here comes Trump with the worst job figures and “a states fight for themselves” rona killing a few hundred a day and Biden will have to clean that up too. Seriously come on.

    • Tom says:

      I’ll take their optimism and naivety over Trump’s endless corruption, lying and race baiting. The bright side is that you won’t darken this doorstep again with your crap.

  18. Steve Daugherty says:

    Scott thanks for your purity of purpose, your clarity and balance. From an ex-Tex now in Ok and voted for Trump, I am relieved he is gone. His policy wins in my industry were great in my area of work (selfishly) but the last days took me to shame on the vote. All in Oklahoma except the farm counties, are exhaling and smiling. I promise.

  19. Dennis Gehrke says:

    So disappointed to read words that have nothing to do with why I chose to sign up for your email. Stay in your lane.

  20. Melinda says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are right up there with Jon Stewart, my last news hero.

  21. John says:

    Stick to what you know. You have no special insight in this arena.

  22. Bing says:

    Scott, this is one of the best posts on the new beginning of our nation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Keep it up!

  23. Miren Ivankovic says:

    What are you talking about? I think you would be rebellious as well when from day one 99% of the media was against you (especially CNN) and Democrats really wanted you gone (read gone as a nice word for something much worse); On the Biden side….please! What unity are you dreaming off? On day one, he went after every single EO done by Trump. Biden promised investments into infrastructure, and yet 2 large infrastructure projects are canned at the expense of thousands of jobs. Now, you will say, those are un-needed and inefficient jobs…so, ok, but what is your plan for the laid off employees? Story was, they will join the green industry employment pool. When? Using Biden’s words, come on man!!

  24. Lee D Katz, MD says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s not only the words, but the timing, delivery and confidence. These are the factors that set the tone. It feels nice to finally relax.

  25. Ted Cleary says:

    This could be last president for me, maybe the last could be best! I’m with the Canadian fellow …. had hoped for single payer or Medicare for all before I go! Your columns help me through the week.

  26. Mark says:

    yeah, gotta agree there. I like her

  27. Mark Miller says:

    Bravo. Your last two posts => spot on. Thx

  28. Robert Featherby says:

    Here’s a prediction from a Canadian. In 4 years you still won’t have Single Payer Health Care (Just like the rest of the Developed World, what’s up with that?). Why does that never become an election issue? In 4 years the wealthy will be even wealthier and the poor, poorer. Why is the U.S. wealth inequality / stagnant real wages never an election issue? Finally, in 4 years, none of these things will matter because Technology companies along with Political “tweaks” to Freedom of Speech will ensure that the real issues end up so far down in the Search results that they effectively cease to exist.

    • Doug says:

      The name of the game is about getting Re-elected. As soon as they elected they start running again.

    • Bart B says:

      Would bet my salary on it! 😉 The narrative is very different, but the cronies capitalism (aka socialism for rich and capitalism for poor) is the one thing that does not change in the US and I see it unlikely to change now as well. Any attempt on it is getting (mis)labeled as communism

  29. Laura Marcusa says:

    I slept well for the first time in weeks. Appreciate your comments as we wade through this shitstorm as a nation.

  30. Mark says:

    Another great Friday read. Thank you Scott and could not agree more. Normalcy an hope sound damn good right now.

  31. Jon says:

    Damm, so much hate and anguish in these comments.

    • Tom says:

      A natural reaction to the 4 years of corruption, lying and race baiting, culminating in the attempted overthrow of the government by rednecks on meth. Yes, this is what hate looks like, let’s hope Biden can restore some decency to the government and populace.

  32. Jim M says:

    Damn, Scott; you had me right up to the end. I DO read all of your posts, and subscribe to the Prof G. pod. I gave your NY’er pod 3 tries and, TBH, couldn’t take it. Frankly, that one winning the Apple says much, much more about the disconnect b/t the elite of America and the average American than anything I could try to say. But that’s not why I’m replying, Scooter. Your enthusiasm for Biden’s inaug is well placed & legit. BUT for you to cap it off fan-boying over Faucci? Got a question: I wonder how many Americans died and continue to die b/c of his lying about masks at the jump off? I simply cannot get past that; to knowingly and willfully lie to the American people about the efficacy of masks…in his position. Wow. What really baffles me is how a straight up guy like you can let that slide, man. I thought you were a different, more stand up cat.

    • Jon Carmen says:

      Wow, Jim, that is so astonishingly uninformed. You clearly drank the koolaid

    • Sam says:

      Why don’t you assess Fauci now that he gets to do his job. Leadership starts at the top and Trump was lousy.

  33. Josh says:

    wait for 4 to 8 years Morons will be back in action. The support structures are intact. After every Obama there is Trump. It’s just a lull.

  34. Thomas says:

    I appreciate a less strident — and more presidential — tone and tenor. While not a great orator, his message was seemingly on point. I wish him well as his success is closely linked with our own. That said, to the approximately half of the electorate that did not vote for him, I think the Executive Orders stemming from his first day on the job looked less like an olive branch and more like a cudgel. Many, if not most, of those items could have waited until a scab of healing had formed from the last year’s wounds. If one’s objective is unity, then one’s actions should be unifying. Planting a flag in the ground with old-line party policy, in the absence of broad census, or at least something less akin to razor thin party-line support, looks a whole lot like business as usual. I am a big fan of the poets Daltrey and Townsend. I hope they are wrong when the day, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Time will tell and Godspeed to President Biden.

  35. Doug says:

    “Unite or we will crush you” is one hell of a message. Good luck to Biden, which I say as someone who didn’t vote for him but is not a crazy person. It’s time to move forward but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a voice to dissent and disagree. Also if you think America is a better place just because it’s Trump or Joe in the White House you need to get off your phone and get outside. Maybe talk to someone who doesn’t use Twitter maybe has kids to raise or doesn’t have time to watch CNN or Fox News because they’re working. America is great not because of our government or who is in the White House and almost the entire country despises congress. And Stop treating these people like royalty because they are only making themselves richer. Wonder if Scott will notice that for the next four. I guess now everything Joe does is just progress and everything in the way of that is just plain crazy. It must be nice to live in utopia again.

  36. Scott says:

    How naive and self-unaware.

  37. Jim Connelly says:

    One day in and he alienates Canada, puts construction workers out of jobs, enriches the likes of Russia and Iran, and makes it easier to send crude to China enriching Warren Buffets railroad while increasing energy costs for working class Americans. I guess that’s okay if you drive a coal burning Tesla

    • Doug says:

      Come one, man! Seriously, just give them the rope. Congress will be split again in two years when nothing has changed.

  38. Diane says:

    Such a low bar to clear but, yes, he cleared it beautifully

  39. Ed says:

    Speaking the word “unity’ into a teleprompter does not count for much when those words are followed the very same day with the current methodology for the executive branch to make policy…executive orders. Unity can only begin to show signs of happening when a reasonable percentage of the seventy-five million plus voters that chose differently look for clues to see if the incoming President will put his money where his mouth is. They want to see that his words match his actions. It would certainly be a good start. I am willing, as any citizen should, to give President Biden the opportunity to show us the path to unity. Sadly, the first day on the job upended previous policies, including giving the finger to our neighbors to the North. How can any nation going forward believe us for more than four years? Actions, not words, is the only true measurement tool. I pray for the President and the nation to find a path going forward. If there is any time that restraint is needed, it is now. We live in the greatest country on earth. Restraint and kindness to each other might be a good place to start.

  40. Michael says:

    Go Dawg, Go!

  41. Noel says:

    It’s okay, everyone, Scott is an agnostic just like Saul was. When he puts his shoulder to the wheel after a little more discovery, he will likely refer to the :Source of his Being”(ness), since so many people have ruined the word “God” to begin with.

  42. JT says:

    You’re closing with God bless America…is exactly what’s wrong with politicians like Joe. You think you can say something even though you don’t actually believe it and it’s supposed to make everything better. If you’re not a believer then simply say Bless America. Don’t insult us with saying God Bless America.

    • Doug says:

      You’re spot on. It’s unity brother. If you don’t like my pandering then you’re the bigot.

  43. Robert says:

    This post won’t age well. Biden is neither normal nor decent.

  44. Judy Aspes says:

    I’m shocked by the ugly comments. I happen to agree with your words, but even if I didn’t, I’d like to think I would have had the decency to give Biden a chance. He’s been President for 48 hours. He’s inherited a country ravaged by a virus. Since it didn’t miraculously disappear, as predicted by his predecessor, the toll is beyond belief…400,000 dead and counting, an economy in ruins, shattered alliances, extremist seditionists, hopelessness and despair. We should all be hoping that he succeeds and that he can put our country back together again. In the meantime, I’ll cling to the words in Amanda Gorman’s extraordinary recitation. I wonder who the poet will be at her inauguration.

  45. Chris Portillo says:

    As usual your right on , Prof. I realized the show must go on regardless of how absurd.

  46. Tom says:

    Hey Scott, I really respect your work and your love to read your pieces on marketing, business, and even politics. Until some time ago, that is. I don’t mind listening or reading to people I don’t agree with politically. I do it all the time. And you have all the right to cheer for the political leader of your choice as he takes office. But some time last year you become increasingly partisan, and while this your prerogative of course, I think you probably made it harder and harder for a portion of your audience who has no problem with your progressive views, but who differs on some pov nonetheless, to listen to you. I, for example, love Pivot. But lately the subtext became so anti-anything-that’s-not-hard-line-democrat that it became very hard to enjoy. Not so much because of your political leaning. I don’t mind about that. But because you suddenly started talking of people and organizations who don’t agree with your views as if they were somehow dishonest, or bad people. Which, in my opinion, is a mistake progressive media makes a lot. I mean, you can disagree with the other side, but they are not evil or stupid. They just have a different experience and a different perspective. You do it right here, in this piece, when you call out Fox news (which, of course, is super partisan and often not honest), but fail to acknowledge that other networks like CNN and MSNBC do the exact same thing. Don’t you think that had these networks been more balanced in their coverage of trump’s presidency, more people wouldn’t dismiss their reporting as lies? If we are ever going to be united again, we need to start reaching out to the other side. And when you treat them as dishonest, corrupt or morons, that will likely not work out. I hope that now that Biden is president the old you comes back.

    • Jay says:

      The other side are dishonest, corrupt morons. Sorry Tom. When you undermine a legitimate election, politicize wearing a mask, undermine the CDC, allow 400k to die because you only care about spreading misinformation about an election, you cozy up to despots like putin and say the CIA doesn’t know what they are talking about(on Russian soil nonetheless) and insight a mob to attack the capitol building you are a dishonest, corrupt moron who is destroying America. No two ways about it. Trump is a fraud and fox news cares as much about truth as the National Enquirer.

    • Tom says:

      @Jay some people voted for Trump in spite of many of those things. I, for one, completely agree with his economic policies (which, btw, proved to work pretty well), and like the way he handled the peace accords in the middle east. I understand it’s easier to dismiss the other side as evil or corrupt, as you have consistently been doing throughout this comment section. But if you open your mind you’ll realize people who hold different views often comes to those views out of honesty, good intentions, and a different approach to the same problems that bother you.

    • john says:

      @Tom Don’t waste any more breath. Jay is obviously a moron who relishes in the echo chamber

    • Doug says:

      @Jay Jay, geez man it must be nice to forget about four years of Democrats Russian conspiracy theories and burning down America to get their way. You break the law you go to jail. It’s crazy I know, but calling that the great sin of the past year is throwing stones in a glass house.

    • Doug says:

      Tom, I would’ve hoped Prof G would’ve been a champion for tech as a solution rather than a overlord and killer of jobs through automation. $15/hour looks like robots doing all the work.

    • Jim M says:

      @Tom: Pretty wild how you were tried to be shrieked down by ol’ Jay here, huh? Well, good news, Tulsi Gabbard’s on Joe Rogan yesterday. (Holds hands over ears for the shrieks to begin anew). Scott’s heart’s in the right place, he’s just woefully cocooned.

    • Miren Ivankovic says:

      @Jay 1) election was legit…strange, but legit 2) wearing mask is an issue in pretty much any country in the World; many countries had to impose fines and enforce them in order to make people follow 3) CDC like many gov’t institutions was caught wrong-footed at the beginning and very un-prepared for the pandemic of this dimensions; remember the early decisions and mistakes 4) 400K and counting is a very large, sad number, but to place it on Trump is plain irresponsible, mean and actually wrong; we knew all there is to know about the virus by April of 2020 and it was up to States, Counties and Municipalities to deal with it. Look at the numbers in California, NY, etc… Shame on you for picking a new President and the party that will bring larger income differences, more poverty and deeper racial injustices with their good intentions policies, which lead to nothing.

    • Scott Galloway says:

      Thoughtful comment, thx

  47. JT says:

    Normalcy for who? Oh yeah, the elites and ruling class Scott. Just like Big Tech has disrupted order, I suspect we’ve not seen the end of political disruption in spite of the orchestrated attempts to make the other side believe that they’ll be better off now. Biden is not going to unite with his words or someone’s lovely poetry. Let’s get real.

    • Sam says:

      Oh please spare me your bleeding heart. Trump left the nation with super high unemployment and a rising stock market. Reversing the label doesn’t change the fact that the tax cuts and the wealth transfer under Trump and Mitch helped the super rich far more than the the poor or middle.

  48. Cole Inman says:

    Scott, you need to just replace your comment section with Yappa, or get rid of it all together (that sweet sweet engagement tho). These comments calling you a communist and saying go Trump are obvious just trolls, and you’re giving them oxygen. Week after week people who are drowning in the FoxNews right kool-aid read your blog and are somehow SO shocked that you are a left leaning centrist who hates Trump. Where have they been? Do you have some underground conservative podcast and or blog I’m missing here?! The trolls are so obvious (but not to everyone, and that’s the danger). I maintain that the company that fixes the worst part of the internet, the comments section, will register huge returns. Be part of that change! Take a page from Kara’s book and turn the comments section off.It’s a stain on an otherwise amazing product. Why does Apple turn off comments on all its YouTube videos, and have no comments sections on any of its apps/platforms? Because they want no bad taste in the mouth at the same time as the immaculate Apple brand, and it works.

  49. Hf says:

    Thank you for the “normalcy” and predictability of your liberal leaning op-ed. Please remove me from your mailing list. Thanks, – One of the “DEPLORABLES”

  50. lol says:

    10% for the Big Guy. 15% for Galloway.

  51. Chip says:

    Remember one of his first acts was to put 20,000 Keystone Pipeline employees out of work. He’s starting with far left executive orders. This isn’t starting well.

    • Disguy says:

      Bro – America first, those are Canadian jobs so stop crying for “others”

    • James Connelly says:

      @Disguy thats funny, how could Slo Joe and the Hoe stop a Canadian construction project. The pipeline is on American soil with American workers but its a Canadian company. The crude will now be transported by rail and ship to China increasing carbon footprint instead of environmentally safe pipeline to the US consumers. Round 1 to China

    • robert smalley says:

      @James Connelly pointless entering debate with idiots.

  52. Pangy says:

    What is interesting to me is how many people are completely politically polarized – even myself. How can each side not see what the other sees? One explanation I was given is that one side are emotional thinkers and the other side are logical thinkers (but I don’t know if I buy that). I would like to see Scott sit with Prof. Sowell and Victor Davis Hanson… Hmm… one historian, one social economist and one marketing. That would still be logical vs emotional but I think they would be civil enough to explore what is going on.

  53. Melanie Cole Goldberg says:

    Thank you, Scott for putting into words what so many of us are feeling. Beautiful.

  54. Matthew Mucha says:

    I was introduced to Scott sometime early last year and loved his insightful and (at that time) balanced commentary on all things finance and particularly politics. The last few months of his blogs have been one disappointment after another. The days of speaking truth to power and pointing out obvious hypocrisy are over – no mention of Biden’s exec order on masks, then the same day not wearing a mask around the Capitol? This deification of Biden as some honest statesman is in direct contrast to his 50 years of public life – cozying up to credit card companies, stoking racial division when advantageous (Racial Jungle anyone?), outright fabrications about his civil rights record (getting arrested for Nelson Mandela), authoring the 1994 Crime Bill, being wrong on essentially every foreign policy decision of the last 50 years. I expect this from MSNBC, not someone who built a reputation on telling the truth about such things. I think this is the final straw for me to unsubscribe. Truly disappointing

  55. Mark Thistel says:

    We can breath again.

  56. Outer Borough says:

    Scott, thank you for your comments and the courage to share personal feelings, facts, and opinions knowing you’ll be pilloried by the cultists, the clueless, and the conspirators. I am a god-doubter but, God Bless America and you too.

    • John says:

      It really takes a lot of courage to express the views of pretty much the entire establishment, big tech, the media, and 99% of academia. So brave!

    • jay says:

      @John and it takes a lot of courage to hide behind your computer and troll intelligent people who put themselves out there. Please write your own blog and see if you have the stones to handle all the idiots who respond like you.

  57. Barry L Baughman says:

    I can’t believe you got brainwashed by the media. You have to look at the policies each President has. Biden’s agenda is so left and not for the good of the majority of the people. In fact, I find Biden’s policies racist toward American’s that built this country. Opening the borders and giving citizenship for all these illegal immigrants is so wrong. Most don’t have jobs and the taxpayers will be foot with the bill. I am no longer reading your posts. You are now so biased and drinking the cool aid. Go Trump.

  58. Nancy Spears says:

    We needed normalcy like never before. We are brave enough to cut through the chaos, clean up the mess and heal. Together we can be gentle and tough and work to bring the nation back to a united center. Thank you, Scott for highlighting the brilliance of “normalcy.”

  59. Robert Rothberg says:

    Outstanding bridge from the past into the future. As always you find the right words for the moment. Somehow we have to move past the “both-sides-ism” and “what about….” I am excited about Biden – I agree, he is right for the moment.

  60. Timbo says:

    You are a very smart man. It’s easy to understand why the Dems you support get votes. The Dems consistently take some of my hard earned money and bribe the mostly uneducated and unmotivated with the money that they took from me. What is the long term end game for dems?The more free money that people get the less likely they will ever be inclined to work. Doesn’t appear that method builds a stronger country. Hope you can explain that in a future newsletter.

    • Jay says:

      Timbo you are an idiot too. Republicans are the most wasteful, fiscally unconservative people on the planet. Democrats constantly have to come in and fix the messes Republican’s create. George W almost sank us into a Depression and Trump racked up trillions of dollars in debt and reduced taxes on the rich. Oh an his incompetence contributed to 400k American’s dying. It is beyond me how such idiots like yourself exist.

    • Charles says:

      @Jay Give it a rest dude! You continue to show everyone here how dam rude you are! You must have a miserable existence!

  61. Lin says:

    CNN, Christiane Amanpour, Bill Clinton, war desinformation in Serbia, and Scott the whiner. BEUUURK. Pauv’ type, socialope fasciste.

  62. Mr. White says:

    Love your books. Listen to all your podcasts. Your syrupy post today begs the question—–where, exactly, do you come out on the Easter Bunny?

  63. Lin says:

    A vomir.

  64. Rock says:

    Fox New is propaganda? But I’m sure CNN is completly Ok, no soviet style brainwashing there at all! Joe Biden is a corrupt sicophant along with his VP who at one point said she believed all those women who claimed were sexually harassed by Joe. We will soon the depth of his corruption once all the previously banned Hunter Biden info comes to the fore. Scott give your head a shake and start watching other news sources to get a balanced viewpoint.

    • Taggert says:

      You seem triggered and emotional at even the thought of a “comments” section containing differing viewpoints. Were you expecting a nice bolognese recipe? You suggest others aren’t worthy of sharing the same space online? How fascist of you. Deal.

    • Big JK says:

      Fox sells hate of the left. CNN/MSNBC sells hate of the right. Why consume either? Both make money off manipulating you, stoking fear and anger, and giving you a dopamine hit when you think: ‘I am right, they are wrong’. Neither care about journalism or reporting, they only care about you consuming more. Trump was great for both sides’ (fox, CNN, MSNBC) bottom line. It does not matter who is president, hatred disguised as news will keep us divided so they make more money, so why watch them at all? If you watch any of those stations, you are like a sucker falling for a rigged carney game. “Step right up folks, learn why you are right and they are wrong! Learn why you are good and they are evil! Tune in tonight to (pick one) Cuomo, Maddow, Carlson, or Hannity…”

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