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Scott Galloway

Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business and host of the Prof G and Pivot Podcasts. For Scott Galloway speaking inquiries, email

July 12

The Financial Frontier

When Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney) changes the direction of our world, it’s a sign I should return to my knitting and discuss business. I don’t know if it’s age or common sense, but it feels as if this world is getting increasingly unstable. So…

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July 5

Time to Leave

Not If, When I believe President Biden will announce he is withdrawing from the 2024 race imminently. Just as anybody who’s seen a commercial or a logo believes they’re an expert in advertising and design, I’ve convinced myself I have insights into the inner workings…

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June 28

Age Gating

I’m in a dark place. I just watched democracy collapsing as a con man abused an old man. I haven’t hit rock bottom yet, so let’s discuss social media and age-gating. Addiction & Reach Social media is unprecedented in its reach and addictive potential —…

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June 21

AI Laundromat

AI Laundromat I’m at Cannes, hungover, as I went to Yahoo Beach and saw the Chainsmokers. Cannes is everything I wanted in my twenties and thirties but didn’t have access to, since I was working all the fucking time and had no money or influence.…

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June 14

Second Mouse.AI

As stupid as Apple’s Vision Pro is, Apple Intelligence is that … intelligent. Innovation Is Overrated Specifically, disruptive innovation — the kind that marks a “before” and “after” in our lives — is terrible for shareholder value. Some innovators that changed our lives: Seattle Computer…

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June 7


Throughout human history, if we had access to more than we needed, we kept the excess to survive in leaner times. Having surplus items also signaled wealth and desirability as a mate, and key rituals often depended on precious items being stored safely. Our ability…

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May 31


To: Grads From: Prof G Subject: You got this America, and the Western alliance it leads, is dysfunctional. It’s also less dysfunctional than any other society. Why? America’s alchemy of individualism, rights, education, innovation, capital, diversity, entrepreneurship and generosity creates a substance found elsewhere but…

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May 24

Note: This newsletter is not investment advice. Five years ago, Nvidia was a second-tier semiconductor company known for giving Call of Duty better resolution. Today it’s the third-most-valuable company on Earth, with a dominant 80% share in AI chips, the processers underpinning the largest, fastest…

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May 17

Earners vs Owners

Over the past several decades, America has waged a covert war against the young. One front in this war is our income tax system, which favors Owners over Earners. Young people are almost all Earners, while Owners are typically older, and the tax code is…

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