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Time to Leave

Scott Galloway@profgalloway

Published on July 5, 2024

Not If, When

I believe President Biden will announce he is withdrawing from the 2024 race imminently. Just as anybody who’s seen a commercial or a logo believes they’re an expert in advertising and design, I’ve convinced myself I have insights into the inner workings of the Beltway. I don’t. However, I do understand the male ego, family dynamics, and scenario planning.

The story the Biden camp has been telling is: “Things are better than they feel, and Joe is the best available option. It’s him or chaos.”

Any narrative has a life of its own, and last week the narrative rear-ended reality so violently that, after the airbags deflated, there was a stunned pause that crisply turned to panic. And panic was the correct emotion. Laid bare in front of us were our worst fears — plus a feeling of embarrassment, having let the media and handlers manipulate us.

But communication is with the listener, and, despite evidence everywhere, we Democrats had entered a self-imposed exile from the truth.

Biden has engaged in fewer media appearances and press conferences than any president in recent history. The fewest since Reagan, who, at 74, began to show signs of Alzheimer’s. The last three presidents to win reelection (Clinton, Bush, Obama) were an average age of 52 at the beginning of their second terms. Three decades younger than Biden, should he return to Pennsylvania Avenue. Democrats and the media wrote indignant open letters to biology re: ageism. Biology’s response: Hold my beer.

How could we be this fucking stupid?

Current Narrative

The narrative now stands at “I am an old man and, worse, another malignant narcissist who won’t get out of the way.”

It’s the political equivalent of turning on the radio and hearing John Legend’s “All of Me” again. And again and again. The result? In the last week, Trump’s lead among likely voters has increased from 3% to 6% — a substantial shift in a race where the majority have already made up their minds.

Democrats have been saying for years (correctly) that Trump is not fit to be president. “OK, now do Biden,” said the universe. Yes, an impaired Biden would still make a better second-term president, but we’ll probably never know. The polls now say moderates and young voters will opt for criminality over senility. The real tell is how quiet Trump has been about Biden’s debate performance. Trump desperately wants Biden to stay in the race. If/when Biden is nominated, and there is no turning back, the Trump media machine will turn him into a vegetable.


Ambition is not in itself a bad thing. It’s where innovation, wealth creation, and a lot of the other good things in life come from. It can turn pathological, though, when it overwhelms our (feeble) ability to make decisions and act in accordance with facts and not emotion.

Estes Kefauver, a senator best remembered now for his Mafia probes, famously quipped, “Presidential ambition is a disease which can only be cured by embalming fluid.” Joe Biden has had a bad case for a long time.

In What It Takes, his classic account of the 1988 presidential race, journalist Richard Ben Cramer quoted an aide warning a 46-year-old Biden that running meant sacrificing friends, family, his entire life: “You’re going to want this worse than anything, and it’s going to take over.” Biden’s answer, essentially, was, “I am willing to take that gamble.”

At a campaign stop in 2020, Biden said, “I view myself as a bridge, not as anything else. There’s an entire generation of leaders you saw standing behind me. They are the future of this country.” But since then, he’s convinced himself that he, at age 81, is the future. The actuarial charts suggest he doesn’t have much of it (future) left. Let’s ignore cognitive decline — something else makes it even harder to govern: death. According to actuarial tables, there is a greater than 1 in 3 chance he’d die in office before the end of his second term. Note: It’s not much better for Trump, but (cue the indignant/denial machine) he appears much more robust.

Having the grace to leave is a gift, and many otherwise superb people don’t have it. Ruth Bader Ginsburg set back women’s rights by her refusal, in the face of all the medical and political evidence, to retire from the Supreme Court when a Democrat could name her successor. Despite all the good she did, her ultimate legacy is that she enabled the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Likewise, if Biden loses to Trump this November, that is the only thing anyone will remember about him.

Too Soon

An underrated superpower socially and professionally — and something great brands do — is creating a sense of scarcity. The easiest way to achieve this is to leave too soon instead of too late.

Why do smart people ignore such common sense advice? There is a great deal of research on humans’ capacity for self-deception. William S. Burroughs, who divided humanity into hustlers and marks, put it bluntly: “Hustlers of the world, there is one mark you cannot beat: the mark inside.”


We can’t imagine our own end. Try to picture what it’s like to be dead. You can’t, not really. You might think of darkness or sleep, things you’ve actually experienced in this life, but your brain has no meaningful point of reference for the real thing. As a result, we believe decline and death are things reserved for other people.

If we’re badly designed for the task of conceiving of and accepting our cosmic sell-by dates, we’re even less apt to recognize the smaller endings that come along the way.

Politicians and CEOs are particularly bad at this. Washington is a large assisted living community full of rich people who believe the world can’t get along without them and will never have to. The result has been a disastrous transfer of prosperity from young to old as old people keep voting themselves more money. As I have written before, we need more ageism, specifically churn.

Ranjay Gulati, a professor at Harvard Business School, recently told the New York Times, “Most leaders, left to their own devices, will not recognize the right time to leave. It’s really hard to stay grounded and humble when everyone is telling you you’re right.”


Which brings us back to the possibility that Trump, a genuinely bad person, may be reelected. Biden, a genuinely decent person, has let his ego wager all our futures. His willingness to do so reflects a common, human failing. That doesn’t make it any less wrong or selfish. He, and his family, have put their own hopes/wishes ahead of the country’s. However, I believe his catastrophic performance in the debate has catalyzed a conversation and a reckoning that will, likely this weekend, result in the Biden family deciding he should withdraw.

Why? The dam has broken. Post-debate, the most powerful voices in tech/media/Congress/party (i.e., Reid Hoffman, the NYT, South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, Pelosi, Obama) have all — as gently as possible — started suggesting he should withdraw. Like a teen boy or girl who senses they’re about to be dumped and can’t stop sending text messages, the Biden camp has sent me eight emails in the past 24 hours assuring me they’re “in it to win it.” The most fucked-up part is the lame attempt by loyalists to shame people online into sticking their heads back up their asses — “Take a breath, sit down, 90 minutes doesn’t define a presidency,” etc.

Seriously … Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

The Replacements

The two most likely candidates to replace Biden are Vice President Harris and California Governor Newsom. Nobody else has the name recognition.

Either would be up, substantially, in the polls within a week of the baton being passed. Branding is about differentiation, and the contrast with Trump would be stark. Neither has been involved in an insurrection, been found liable for sexual abuse, nor forced 1 in 5 women who needed to terminate a pregnancy to leave their state. And, most distinctly, both were born when Trump had already graduated from college and was working for his father.

Harris would be the most seamless, as the quarter of a billion dollars Biden has raised is technically also hers. In addition, the nation appears to be finally ready for a woman president, and she seems to have found her voice since the deba(te)cle. Finally, though she hasn’t distinguished herself as VP, she was a strong AG and senator. This indicates she’s probably better in an executive role.

Newsom is straight out of central casting, built in a factory with parts from lesser candidates. He’s already the president of a nation larger (economically) than India, France, or the U.K. He’s a great debater. Lastly, he’s hot — and people are more likely to vote, and canvas, for a candidate they’d like to have sex with. Newsom is the candidate who scares Trump.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is not an attempt to predict the future, but to imagine several possible futures and determine a course of action that has the best outcomes across several futures. And, in my view, most/all roads lead to President Biden stepping down. The polls suggest that the status quo will lead to a Trump victory – below are three alternate scenarios and speculation on what each would mean for the Biden family:

 1. Biden Withdraws, Trump Defeated

Biden cements his legacy as one of the great presidents and receives a standing ovation upon entering any room. The remainder of his life is the mother of all victory laps. He is on the short list when polls are taken about who should be added to Mount Rushmore.

2. Biden Withdraws, Trump Wins

I don’t see this as a realistic scenario. Or more specifically, I don’t want to think about it. (These are MY scenarios.) Regardless, if this came to pass, nobody would hold Biden responsible for trying to do the right thing.

3. Biden Remains/Wins

This is the one that makes me believe he will withdraw in the coming days. Joseph Biden, and his family, have experienced staggering loss. It’s difficult to know the specific dynamics of a family, but it’s a safe bet his family loves him a great deal. The worst outcome for their husband/dad/brother wouldn’t be losing to Trump — it would be a second term. His life would become an awkwardly choreographed dance, family and aides trying to sequester him from public view. He’d experience an infinite number of small private and public humiliations every day as he succumbs to a foe that cannot be defeated. (See above: biology.)

Staying in may be what he wants, and what the Bidens believe they want. But, with some distance, his loved ones will recognize that remaining in the race presents two outcomes: bad and worse. Seriously, for those of us who’ve cared for a parent in their eighties … imagine his life, should he win, for the next four and a half years. I don’t believe his family will let that happen to him.

I think love wins here.

Life is so rich,



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  1. KEVIN DILLON says:

    Correction, Trumpy never graduated college, he was kicked out of Fordham University after two years and daddy wrote the ” big” check and got him into UPenn, where he never attended any classes and again daddy wrote the “bigger” check and they gave him a diploma

  2. Paul Butcher says:

    I often find nuggets of wisdom in your articles and have appreciated many things you’ve written. This article…wow! Worst–article–ever.

    What does it say about you that you admit your information sources are deeply flawed, biased, and manipulative but then you still cling to your superficial and biased conclusions which, it’s not unreasonable to presume, are based in some part because of those flawed sources (“…genuinely bad person…”, “…genuinely good person…”).

    After reading you for some time you have shown yourself to be a person of reflection and thought. Why are you so blind in this area? Tell us, how does it feel to know you were manipulated so easily and so thoroughly by those who you trusted?

    • Truth Hurts says:

      “Tell us, how does it feel to know you were manipulated so easily and so thoroughly by those who you trusted?”


      And if they lied to you about this, what else have they been lying to you about?

  3. Truth Hurts says:

    “We’re done talking about the debate, it’s time to put Trump in a bullseye.” – Joe Biden 7.8.24

    Assassination attempt on Trump – 7.13.24

    • hugh jasol says:

      Only proving the point that we need better shooters in this country, oh I forgot “gOd saved him”

      • Truth Hurts says:

        Innocent people died at that rally and you’re making snide jokes and vile comments.

        I know you think you are scoring points with snarky burns, but it just makes you and your side look disgusting and repulsive.

        You are your own worst enemy.

        Decent people with a soul want nothing to do with vile people like you.

  4. Juan Trujillo says:

    I wouldn’t equate abortion to womens’ rights. There are lots of women in the US who actually don’t believe they or anyone else has the right to kill unborn children.

    With respect to Biden being a good person, I disagree. He has fed at the public trough longer than almost anyone else and accepted graft all along the way. He also says he is a Catholic and thus his support for abortion is just trading his religious responsibilities for political gain.
    Don’t let him fool you.

  5. Truth Hurts says:

    Joe Biden comments from just the past couple of days:

    “By the way, I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, first Black woman, to serve with a Black president,” – Joe Biden

    “And now I want to hand it over to the President of Ukraine… ladies and gentlemen, President Putin.” – Joe Biden

    “Look I wouldn’t have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president if she was not qualified to be president. So start there.” – Joe Biden

    Scott Galloway’s position on Joe Biden:

    “President Biden will go down as one of the great presidents” – Scott Galloway

  6. ryguy says:

    I read blogs of people I’d like to have sex with…

  7. Kristin Wiggins says:

    Watched and shared your stunning TED talk. I watched it right after watching Jon Stewart who called for a candidate to jump in and get it together in the time we have 4 months, my question and hope is how about YOU? Seriously, your clear message of reality is what we need. Please consider this option!!

  8. Truth Hurts says:

    Just a few days ago: : George Clooney helped raise $28 million for Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, the most for the Democratic Party from a single event in history.

    Now: George Clooney has kicked Biden to the curb and asked him to step down

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, ha, ha, ha ha, ha, ha ,ha, ha.

    Oh my Lord, it’s glorious to watch the Left collapse and start throwing each other under the bus.

    Broke all kinds of fundraising records and generated $28M for you just a few days ago, now wants you fired today.

    It’s glorious watching the Left turn on each other and eat their own.

    • GATES, Bill says:

      Biden will win, Lackey

      • Truth Hurts says:

        Well, Biden did get 81 Million votes in 2020 so it would not surprise me if he gets 81 Trillion votes in 2024.

        Imagine decades from now looking back on this period of time and having to justify your support for Joe Biden to your kids, grandkids, ect that are reading all your comments.

        History will not be kind to you.

  9. Ruth oberg says:

    Your comments on 7/11 are right on! Sent the podcast to several in the chicago media. Have been following you and Kara for about a year. I appreciate your common sense.

  10. Robert J Howard says:

    Thank you for this. I’ve just started following you. Looking forward to diving deeper. Peace, Rob

  11. Y. says:

    You may well be right about needs to be done. But you’re definitely wrong about the family dynamics. Had they believed a second term is the worst option, they’d have quit long ago. They obviously want this.

  12. D. Cameron May says:

    Only war mongers on mount Rushmore. Biden would be out of place. All them on Rushmore were war -time Presidents, except who drafted the Declaration.

    • Bruce says:

      Maybe it’s time someone who wasn’t in a war should be on Rushmore. And maybe we should glorify peace not war.

  13. Just Lynn says:

    I think the scenario planning is spot on. Would love if your team could provide a shareable graphic (including scenario 4 – Biden stays/Trump wins)

  14. Conscientious Subjector says:

    I have to agree with Scott throughout this. I came to this site today after watching his TED talk a short while ago. While I am approaching 60….my kids are working their asses off and barely holding their heads above water.

    I am stupendously happy with most of what Biden has accomplished in his administration. But we NEED young people….and hopefully some super smart, charismatic and fundamentally decent person will emerge. My hope is that by the time the Democratic Convention rolls around, the powers running that show will have decided to have a contested convention, create a major media buzz around having made this change and thus creating a massive buzz around what will hopefully be a very successful run by a much younger and more progressive candidate that can begin to turn the tide towards the betterment of our young peoples’ future.

  15. dylan, bob says:

    I am reading this on July, 10th. He still running.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Having Exhausted All Other Options, Obama Invites Biden Paddle Boarding

      POLITICS·Jul 9, 2024

      MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MA — Following President Biden’s repeated refusals to back out of the presidential race, former President Barack Obama has reportedly invited Biden out for a nice quiet afternoon of paddleboarding.

  16. john ward says:

    I am a non-American, inveterate observer of American politics as the best reality show on TV – replete with a villain who deserves his comeuppance but who continually evades it.
    Anyway, Biden must go!
    This is not about one debate. Biden showed mental agility approximating an inanimate object. Regardless of how many good speeches he gives, the debate alone should disqualify him for the presidency.
    Primary voters supported a false idol, dishonestly portrayed by his inner circle. Don’t talk abut betraying democracy. Given how Biden was misrepresented, delegates (and the party) should not apologize for changing track.
    As a physician, I can’t help but scoff at people who say he hasn’t declined. And don’t tell me he has no signs of Parkinson’s disease. This may not be his diagnosis, but he demonstrates many features of the disease. I’m also surprised that people have under-appreciated the degree to which his medical history may be resulting in him being physiologically and cognitively older than an already old 81 year old (let alone 86 if he was to serve another term). He has atrial fibrillation which impacts cognitive function and suffered a reportedly large hemorrhagic stroke which would raise the possibility of delayed, long-term consequences.
    Continuing to support Biden is playing with fire. At least enter the gunfight with a loaded gun. He is one (likely to happen) gaffe away from cementing his fate as the election loser.

  17. John C says:

    Great piece as usual and I think scenario #1 is most likely, but your timing is off. Biden needs to get the official nomination of the Democratic party in August and then he will withdraw with Kamala being the easiest transition. Once he has the nomination, the $100M in his PAC can be transfered to the President Harris campaign; before that, $2k . Always follow the money.

  18. Brad says:

    Australian here, but keeping a close eye on the U.S. presidential race, since it has knock-on effects around the world.
    Outstandingly clear-eyed piece. The harsh reality I think is that scenario 1 offers the only hope. Yes, it’s a speculator/Hail Mary play, but you cannot unsee Biden’s condition. And time is critical, Biden has to be replaced by someone who has real talent. Immediately.

  19. Elle says:

    Will you run for president. Please?

  20. Janine M. Donoho says:

    Thank you for this. Have always been ‘Hell, no,’ to Drumpf, then during the debate, it became, ‘Oh, no, Joe!’ Wish we could pull of the Band-aid sooner rather than later and begin the next process.

  21. Skeptic24 says:

    Unfortunately for our country, no matter what your political leanings, we are already here: “His life would become an awkwardly choreographed dance, family and aides trying to sequester him from public view. He’d experience an infinite number of small private and public humiliations every day as he succumbs to a foe that cannot be defeated.”

  22. AJ says:

    Joe “I No More Think Of Myself As Being As Old As I Am Than A Fly” Biden 2024

  23. Truth Hurts says:

    Countless videos over the years of Joe Biden creeping on children, smelling children, being creepy and inappropriate.

    Video of Joe Biden pinching the nipple of 8 year old Maria Piacesi. Maria Piacesi confirms and says that Biden pinched her nipple when she was 8. Believe All Women?

    Ashley Biden diary confirmed as real. Discusses inappropriate showers with Joe Biden and being molested as a child.

    During the debate Trump mentions how illegal aliens are brutally raping and killing US citizens and Bidens respons is to go off the rails and start talking about kids being molested by family members Alzheimer’s and dementia bring out Truth in people.

    Cocaine found at the White House. No one ever charged.

    Hunter Biden laptop filled with images of crack cocaine and texts of drug deals.

    Hunter Biden laptop filled with CP. No one ever charged.

    “Joe Biden is a genuinely decent person” – Scott Galloway

    • Jake44 says:

      Yea, Biden got a total pass on the hair smelling videos (with little girls) and the showering with daughter. Not to mention the access to Biden when he was VP was sold by Hunter to get his Ukraine job.
      Biden needs to be booted from office and never elected for those reasons alone. TDS aside, Biden is and always was bad

      • Truth Hurts says:

        I understand when the media gives Biden a pass.

        The media is Organized Crime.

        They are there to protect their Made Men and attack their enemies.

        But when people, especially parents with kids, also give Biden a pass you have to call them out on it.

        Countless videos over the years of Joe Biden creeping on children, smelling children, being creepy and inappropriate.

        Video of Joe Biden pinching the nipple of 8 year old Maria Piacesi. Maria Piacesi confirms and says that Biden pinched her nipple when she was 8. Believe All Women?

        Ashley Biden diary confirmed as real. Discusses inappropriate showers with Joe Biden and being molested as a child.

        Galloway – Why do you give Biden a pass for all of this and insist that he’s “a genuinely decent person”

        • Conscientious Subjector says:

          Well….Truth Hurts….are you forgetful? While those items you list regarding Biden may be true, and despicable. It seems that you are, by default, supporting on Jeffery Epstein visiting, Mar a Lago trafficking, Miss Teen USA dressing room entering, genital grabber and porn star “doer”. And while you bring up innuendo without context regarding Biden’s behaviors that may or may not be true. The allegations against one orange autocrat wannabe have been documented with considerable consistency in audio and media clips if not proven n courts of law.

          Biden should be out of the race. And if Biden is not fit for the presidency by reason of his health…..Trump is not fit by reason of indecent morals AND criminality.

          Imagine if the things Trump has said on the Howard Stern Show about his daughter or being able to walk into dressing rooms of teen girls or was photographed prior to his election with the likes of Jeffery Epstein. H Ross Perot or GHW Bush would have won that election in a landslide. But you want this slop bucket of a man to be your president!

          • Truth Hurts says:

            If someone makes a credible accusation of sexual assault / molestation and your first response “Yeah, but what about this other guy …” then congratulations. You just gave one of the worst answers possible in a situation like this.

            You people are so obsessed with Trump that you’re incapable of giving an answer to anything that doesn’t circle back to him.

            Everytime I read these responses I always imagine people like you working as a sexual abuse / rape counselor and one of your patiants opening up about a painful sexual abuse / rape allegation and your response being “Yeah, but what about that time with Trump and Jeffery Epstein at Mar a Lago or the time Trump walked into the Miss Teen USA dressing room. That was pretty horrible. AmIright? High five!”

  24. Patrick Parker says:

    Today is Monday July 8…what you going to do now. Your turning from a highly partisan soothsayer into a totally partisan political commentator…go figure what and who you are. We don’t need another liberal media guru who can’t relate to facts and just keeps grinding out party politics. You’re losing it buddy

  25. Scott B. says:

    I’ll preface this by saying that I consider Biden a political hero for skillfully thwarting Trump in 2020, and I’m grateful for all he’s done as president. My concern is that, like many leaders, he has (knowingly or unknowingly) surrounded himself with people who are afraid to deliver a dissenting opinion to his own.

    I work in communications for a large international company that assists vulnerable communities. Our CEO – a deft leader, a doting father, and a very rich white man – was about to post to a video to LinkedIn about the five lessons he’d learn while recovering from a polo injury.

    It was my job to go into his office and explain in so many words why this would be remarkably tone deaf, particularly given the audience we serve. My heart was flying as I attempted to articulate all this to him. (Long story short, he still posted the video and the backlash was harsh. That night he texted me saying he should have listened, and wondered why his fellow senior leaders had told him the post was a good idea, and in fact shared it.)

    I can only imagine that those speaking with the President of the United States about the fact that he is in too steep a decline to run again must be feeling what I did times a billion.

  26. doug says:

    one is genuinely ‘good’ and one ‘bad?. GMAFB. I seriously doubt you have access to make those determinations; and your ego has taken over, again…

  27. Andrei Petrovitch says:

    I’m not as pessimistic as everyone else seems to be. First of all, the polls showing massive drops are outliers; one poll showed Biden actually UP 2 points, and most aggregate polls showed minimal movement, maybe 2-3 points – not great, but hardly insurmountable.

    For comparison, Obama in 2012 lost the first debate to Romney so badly (in OCTOBER!) that some polls had him going down FOURTEEN points overnight. And we know how that race ended, so, who knows. (I remember some pundits and media talking heads yelling for Obama to step aside for Hillary, heh).

    Also, Democrats have, both in races they’ve won and lost since 2022, outperformed polling by huge numbers, often 7-12 points or more. If this happened once or twice, yeah, consider it a fluke, but it’s happened in the 25 or so races (with the Democrats win percentage being very high).

    Finally, since the debate, I can’t help but notice a sort of “circling the wagons” re Biden. I know this observation is anecdotal, but young people on social media, who weeks before were blasting “genocide Joe” for his stance on Gaza, are now sharing the horrific Project 2025 wish list, pointing out the grave consequences of a second Trump term. Correlation is not causation, I know, but I find it amusing and interesting that a week after his debate win, Trump saw the need to take to the socials to disavow project 2025, which suggests to me that this is the one albatross that Biden can still tie around the formers neck, and win.

    • Scott B. says:

      Very thoughtful, but I must respectfully disagree. I think there are three issues: 1) In Biden’s case, there is valid concern for what his state will be like in four and a half years; 2) In his current state, he is completely unable to animate the young and minority voters he so desperately needs to win. 3) To close the gap with Trump, he needs to appear as often as possible on broadcast platforms, and he is profoundly ill-suited to do so.

      Biden has lived a great American life. Given the existential threat that Trump presents, should Biden put his desire to serve again over the needs of the country, there may very well be no country left to serve.

      • Andrei Petrovitch says:

        Thanks for your response. A few counterpoints:

        “1) In Biden’s case, there is valid concern for what his state will be like in four and a half years”

        But, he doesn’t even need to serve out the term; he just has to win an election in November. If, after two years, his mind and body have had enough, Kamala Harris takes over.
        “2) In his current state, he is completely unable to animate the young and minority voters he so desperately needs to win”

        He can’t animate young voters…but the threat of Project 2025, which is starting to catch fire on social media, is doing that for him.

        “3) To close the gap with Trump, he needs to appear as often as possible on broadcast platforms, and he is profoundly ill-suited to do so.”
        But the gap is not large; as I wrote in my OP, the polls showing huge drops in the race for Biden are polling outliers – the aggregate has only a drop of 2-3 points, total. Factor in sampling biases and incumbency, and the gap is likely 1-2 points, which is hardly insurmountable. Besides, Biden’s strength has never been with rallies. He won in 2020 mainly by not leaving his basement. He just has to keep hammering the point that Trump is the worst alternative, even given his own age.

  28. Concerned948 says:

    Interested to see Joe Scarborough this morning after he was off last week. I know he’s personally close with Biden but I still not at all what I expected. Like Mika he’s all in for Biden staying the course. He’s even got the contributors on the show backtracking. Pathetic. The fact is if Biden loses he won’t be around very long to suffer the aftermath of what he wrought. Our children and grandchildren will. Now is not the time for narcissism. Pass the torch. The future of the American Experiment is on the line.

  29. chrisdress says:

    Very succinct analysis

  30. Ashley Pocock says:

    Trump is a grotesque autocrat/populist deaf to anyone but himself. Now Biden looks like he is deaf to anyone but himself & his inner circle. If Biden stays, the DNC will have put forward 2 candidates over the last 3 cycles as a fait accompli & must take some of the blame for what the US may become. Hilary may have made a fantastic President & it would have been ground-breaking to have a woman in the White House, but she was never popular & never truly tested in the primaries. I would love to see Kamala & Gavin Newsome take on Trump. He would be toast in a debate.

  31. Skeptical says:

    I don’t like Biden, but I feel sorry for him, since everyone wants to run him out of office for a bad debate. There are probably enough parlor tricks that could make a president look foolish, and if his own side wants him out, I’d guess they’re pulling all of them.

  32. Marlene says:

    A long time increasingly intrigued fan, I am dramatically less impressed with Scott after this essay. He exhibits almost lunatic partisanship for unexpressed reasons. He appears oblivious to why half the country thinks Trump is absolutely essential to stopping the disastrous cultural decline we are in.

  33. Truth Hurts says:

    Questions that the smart people are asking themselves right now:

    Who has really been running this country for the past 4 years?

    Who has really been running this country for the past 61 years?

    Why was all of the media, in lockstep with each other, running defense and protecting Joe Biden for the past 4+ years?

    Why has all of the media, in lockstep with each other, turned and attacked Joe Biden at the exact same time?

    If the media has been lying to us about Joe Biden, what else have they been lying to us about?

    • Ashley Pocock says:

      I don’t think the media have been lying to us for 4 years. I think the WH has been genuinely hiding it for 12 months. The non-right wing media have probably known off the record but why would they hand Trump a free pass?

  34. Judy Rose says:

    …taking it like a man. Biden and Trump are too Old. The DEI pick and Gruesome will get trashed by Trump. Kennedy could slide in with name recognition and 51% Independent voters. Thankfully the Kids are waking up, this will be an interesting election.

  35. Truth Hurts says:

    Biden has been a mumbling, incoherent, mess for the past 4+ years.

    Biden falling down stairs.

    Biden falling off bicycles.

    Biden can’t talk. Biden can’t get names straight. Biden can finish a sentence without deteriorating into gibberish.

    Complete and total disaster.

    Anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear can CLEARLY SEE SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT WITH BIDEN.

    Yet half the country believes all the propaganda and all the gaslighting that Biden is the greatest president ever, a decent man, the best thing ever.

    Then when the media all turns on Biden these lost and confused people are waiting for the same media talking heads to explain to them what is going on.

    The biggest tragedy in this horror story are all the empty jar head vessels that have no discernment, can’t think for themselves, and need their echo chamber to explain everything to them.

  36. Marshall Ross says:

    Everyone who agrees Prof. G. on this topic (I do) should write their nearest Democratic Senators and Representatives and urge them to compassionately ask President Biden to step aside.

  37. Dragos Stanca says:

    Beyond America’s borders, Biden’s insistence on staying in the race acts like a perpetual TV/Youtube ad against democracy in regions where it isn’t yet sufficiently consolidated. This benefits totalitarian regimes that are active in spreading anti-democratic propaganda. In Eastern Europe, I see Russian and Chinese propaganda daily, ironically using American technology from Meta and Alphabet, not just TikTok.

    The narrative is simple: if democracy in America, the country we all look to as an example, has reached a point where the best options for president are two elderly men – one who denies climate change and the other who denies biological facts – there isn’t much hope left for democracy to strengthen globally.

    In short, it’s not just about America now. It’s about the stability of democracies around the world, especially the stability of new democracies that can easily slip back into autocracies or dictatorships.

    • Simkn says:

      I for one have trouble giving $5 much less $250 to the Biden campaign. Though I’ll begrudgingly vote for him, I’d much rather donate $500 to Newsom.

  38. Dianne Ahto says:

    I concur. Carry on Scott. You are an astonishing voice of reason.

  39. Scott Schleicher says:


  40. Noelle says:

    I sure hope you’re right, Scott!

  41. Louise says:

    Where are the calls for convicted felon Donald Trump to stand down?

    I would rather have a guy who is a little old and stutters a bit than Trump, who is a liar and an insurrectionist.

    • Ben says:

      Louise, respectfully, your comment is merely a complaint rather than a considered argument in favor of Biden remaining the Democratic candidate. I’d also argue that it’s illogical: if Trump truly is that terrible (I agree with you,btw) then everyone should support steps to maximize Democratic victory.

  42. Louise O'Brien says:

    Regardless of who wins in November, America’s is headed for disaster.

    Sadly, I do not see Biden stepping down.

    Someone needs 270 votes to win, and thanks to Kennedy being in the race, that might not happen. If no candidate for president receives an absolute majority of the electoral votes, pursuant to the 12th Amendment, the House of Representatives must go into session immediately to choose a president from among the three candidates who received the most electoral votes. Image how big a shit fight this is going to be with Trump as one of the candidates.

    If either Trump or Biden actually do win in November the US is in for a mess.

    If Biden wins it is obvious that Trump and his supporters will not accept a Biden win (or a win by any Democrat) and they are likely to cause far more mayhem than when they tried to over throw the 2020 election results. No way Trump can run again in 2028 so he has nothing to lose.

    The Saudis have not signed a normalisation agreement with Israel nor have they signed an AUKUS type deal with the US. They, like the rest of the world, are very likely waiting to see what type of mess America turns into come November.

    • Louise says:

      To say that a Trump presidency will be a nightmare, is an understatement.

      US allies are already preparing for this eventuality and are likely to react by doing whatever they can to reduce US hegemony and power.

      The interest on US Government debt of 35 trillion means the country is spending more on interest payments than on military spending, which is usually when an empire is considered finished.

      The US could very well end up being a middle power, a dead empire, with massive debt and inflation with a leader who spends his time enacting revenge on those who tried to stop him coming to power.

      No one is expecting America to be a pretty sight post November.

  43. Louise O'Brien says:

    Those afraid to change the candidate at this stage in the race should look at Australia, where we have changed who our candidates many times including five times in five years.

    • Noelle says:

      Good luck getting the US to look at any other country. If we did that, I reckon we might have socialized healthcare and reasonable gun control laws among other common sense policies that we need badly but refuse to enact.

  44. Scott Bickley says:

    Once again you demonstrate the paradox of how one man can be so brilliant yet a total idiot at the same time. Really, “criminality vs. senility”, “appears more robust”, Biden is a “decent man”…as you said…wake…the…fuck…up. You are so biased you once again ruin the core and cogent argument with slander and lies. The former President Trump was convicted of a crime that for all of history has been a misdemeanor and had the law changed to be a felony only because of his trial and was convicted by a biased jury overseen by the most one-sided judge of all time. Trump “appears” more robust…put the drink/join/meth pipe down brother, please. Biden = decent? In what world? His family is a true criminal enterprise. Damn you Galloway, please try and be objective for one whole post…that’s all I ask, one full post.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Even smart people have lost their minds to Trump Derangement Syndrome and completely lost all discernment & critical thinking skills when it comes to anything Trump.

      Can you imagine being on board with Biden, endorsing him as a decent person and a great president just because Orange Man Bad.

    • Phil D says:

      ” His family is a true criminal enterprise.” Dear S. Bickley-reality called and asked for any tiny bit of evidence to back up your above quote. And Trump was convicted on felony counts that, forever, have actually been considered felonies. Nice try.

  45. Genevieve says:

    RBG was our largest cautionary tale of the dangers to all for staying past one’s abilities and giving any human being a life time appointment. When will this get addressed especially with our current bought and paid for line up?

  46. John regular american says:

    Ha ha ha biden is a complete disaster. Told you so demoncrats

    • Noelle says:

      John, no regular American uses the term “demoncrat” – I’m afraid that between this and your use of “told you so” without even a hint of irony, you’ve outed yourself as unhinged, uneducated, and as having the maturity of a seven-year-old.


  47. Jerry says:

    1. Your right Biden needs to step down
    2. You’re very wrong about Kamala or Newsom having a hope in hell of winning.
    Kamala see her performance as VP and treating her staff. She is out of her league
    Newsom’s social agenda, big government and all around record will sink him. Looks can’t clean that turd track record.
    Same for Pritzker just without the looks
    Witmer is the only one who can win. Especially if Governor of Maryland is VP. Independents will decide this election not hard core dems or republicans.

    Little surprised you’re not a little bit critical of your picks.

  48. McGill, Rob says:


    Always enjoy your commentary.
    You’ve missed a 4th and perhaps 5th scenario. He stays in the race but passes away before the election or wins and then passes before he takes office. The latter would be better, I suppose, for certainty as I presume VP Harris becomes de facto President. If he’s going the former route best he (mercifully) get on with it!

  49. Recor, Hadley says:

    I agree with your premise but not your projected outcomes. Harris is incredibly personally unpopular (treats her staff badly, etc) and Newsom is too left. I think Michelle Obama will come in and completely kick Trumps ass, and I am looking forward to watching that happen.

  50. Biewend, Andre says:

    I am, mostly, Republican…. Trump is as described. However Harris…. Hmmmm, i’m not even sure Dan Quayle had worse ratings than she does. As for Newsome…. is economic and social record in California is deplorable.

    So it looks like we are going to have to choose the cleanest pair of dirty diapers in the basket.

    The only flaw in your article is the age of senators dating back to the late 1700s. When you compare those to the life expectancy during those times you’ll find that senators were just as old historically as they are now.

    Peace and God help us!

  51. Tabakman says:

    Thank you for writing such a clear and compassionate post about President Biden. I believe that it is time for this good man to lay down the mantel. I am Canadian but watch American politics because of the impact your leaders have on our lives.
    I hope and pray that the Bidens are able to lay down ego and make the best choice for them as a family.

  52. Truth Hurts says:

    “President Biden will go down as one of the great presidents” – Scott Galloway

    Daily reminder that Galloway is one of those media talking heads that was gaslighting everyone into thinking that Joe Biden was one of the greatest, bestest, most magnificent things ever.

    And to date, I count:

    ZERO apologies from Galloway.

    ZERO corrections from Galloway.

    ZERO remorse from Galloway.

    You can tell a lot about a person by how they handle their mistakes.

    Pay attention to how these people behave.

    • John Black says:

      Thanks for blowing your credibility by confirming you are a myopiv Dem. Not only did Trump have a fairly successful run as President despite the Dems lying for 2 1/2 years that he was colluding with the Russians, but Biden has turned out to be one of the worst Presidents (even if you ignore his plagiarism and lying) because of the following: 1. Inflation through reckless spending
      2. High gas prices because of foolish spending on Green, while discouraging oil and gas production
      3. Wasted Green spending that does not include Nuclear power and does not include plans/funding to assist communities address challenges related to climate change.
      4. Afghanistan
      5. Open borders for illegal people
      6. Student Loan forgiveness
      7. Desire to raise Corporate tax rate
      8. His strong support for Unions to the detriment of U.S. taxpayers
      9. No moves to address entitlements
      10. Paying people not to work.
      11. Nothing on K-12 public education – Haley’s second more important issue after inflation
      12. Increase in regulations
      13. Biden wants to end Medicare. He is supportive of a “Medicare for None” bill

      • Jim says:

        Successful run?… COVID, drugs and massive overspending aside.
        1. Inflation through reckless spending from the Trump Administration
        2. High gas prices because Trump opted out of the Paris agreement spending huge amounts encouraging oil and gas production while the rest of the world evolved new technologies.
        3. Wasted time pretending Nuclear power would somehow alleviate communities challenges related to climate change.
        4.Trump kept the US in Afghanistan -seriously… Why.
        5. Open borders for illegal people by pretending he would build a wall and make Mexican people pay for it. That’s called shifting a problem to the side.
        6. Trump couldn’t understand Student Loan stress as it’s something he never even knew about.
        7. Trumps Desire to gift a the Corporate world no tax.
        8. Trumps lack of support for Unions to the detriment of U.S. taxpayers
        9. Trumps moves to address entitlements by gifting more entitlement to the rich.
        10. Trump paying people not to work – red states.
        11. Nothing on K-12 public education – a Trump ever go to a public school while in office?
        12. Increase in religious dogma.
        13. Trump wants to end Medicare. He is supportive of a “Care for Super Rich.”

  53. Cape Kid says:

    Of all Scott’s many bad takes and blown predictions, this will be one of the worst.

  54. Jim W. says:

    I love Joe Biden. I was a delegate for his nomination the year that Obama ended up winning it. He has been an absolute champion for working stiffs, and he surrounds himself with people who have serious chops for their assigned cabinet positions. With Biden, we get serious, progressive (small p) government.

    But you are absolutely and sadly correct, Scott. It is time for him to go and enjoy his legacy. This election is too important to risk a Trump victory, and I think you are also right that Kamala Harris, and really several other Dems, could easily beat out Donald Trump for the 10% of voters who haven’t attached themselves to a MAGA flag.

    And it need to happen soon. I hope you are right about it happening this weekend, so that we can get organized around the new nominee ASAP!

  55. Joellyn Coor says:

    With a sad heart, but I think, a good brain I have to agree with you Scott!

  56. Lorraine Pregozen says:

    I pray to God that Biden withdraws from this race.

  57. Peter Van Dell says:

    Scott you have succinctly evaluated the situation and in several weeks we will see the outcome.
    Biden can’t make the right decision to retire and he certainly doesn’t have the cognitive mind to run the country. He is mentally compromised and although I have a medical degree to come to that conclusion anyone with common sense can come to the same conclusion.

  58. Amy Nonymous says:

    I’m a fan of Scott’s business acumen, but social issues, no so. Democrats now are being honest about Biden’s decline after years of 1/gaslighting, 2/denial, and 3/obfuscating. Now Scott believes in biology, but in the same breath will tell you men can be women and women men. *rolls eyes

  59. Tony says:

    “Biden, a genuinely decent person” …ha, funny stuff

    • Amy says:

      Precisely. Career politician with a horrible track record and deep family corruption ties. “super duper great guy because Democrat”

      • Pete Prusak says:

        Joe leave now with your head held high your political legacy intact. Hang on and lose everything. Please withdraw.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      There was CP on the Hunter Biden laptop and everyone, the FBI, the courts, the media, have all been gaslighting us and telling us the Bidens are decent people

  60. james mcglynn says:

    I come a similar conclusion. Since Biden is incompetent to run he ipso facto is incompetent to remain in office. Dr. Jill can convince him that by resigning he will be lauded as the person to choose the next President- a female poc- Kamala Harris. She either has “the right stuff” and wins or at least is the first female President. Either way Old Joe can ensure a legacy of selflessness and sacrifice. To remain as President is a disservice to the country and that is before he turns 87!

  61. Aaron Shields says:

    Long time listener to the show. I’m a Canadian living in the UK and have been hosting a lovely Ukrainian family for two years.

    So 1) I am moon walking after our general election where we saw the Torries lose more than we saw Labour win. In truth we could have put a rosette on a donkey and carried the day. Starmer is a good man and a good technocrat, but it was in the bag with any reasonable choice.

    2) if Trump gets is we know this will mean the end of the war in the Ukraine as his first order of business will be starve the war effort of cash to give Putin the green light. War in our time.

    3) I would love Biden to get the rest and victory lap he deserves. But to the first point, Trump is a brand and a great big horrible one at that. He’s like a monster truck who needs an immovable object of a brand. So, who is that? What’s the brand argument?

  62. Monopolist says:

    The issue with Newsom is what he has singlehandedly allowed the electric utilities do to the California ratepayers. It looks like he is besties with corporates and special interest money pools. The CPUC is a joke as a regulatory body and maybe it’s the lesser of all evils here, but he seems willing to let corporations run roughshod over the interests of the populace.

  63. marvin leftwich says:

    Biden choked the debate because he is not a public speaker , struggles still with his stutter, and he was also tired and dealing with jetlag , and he realized the great importance of this debate, not just to himself, but to his party, and most of all , to his country. I believe Biden is able to handle the responsibilities of the office, but am not sure if he can convince enough of the voters of that. Perhaps because of a refinement in taste, I do not see Newsome as “hot” , and the fact that his first wife is now with Don Trump, Jr , is enough to disqualify him for me . I am also not sure if this is the time to try for our first Female president , considering the importance of this election , and anyway think Warren is better qualified than Harris. Because of the difficulty of finding a replacement , and because of the late date, I am unsure of the best direction for Biden to take. Two months ago Biden was interviewed by Howard Stern, under much less pressure , and presented no signs of senility . While S.G. is 100% right about Ruth Bader Ginsberg , he may have jumped the gun in his analysis and strong recommendation of the way to proceed now.

  64. marvin leftwich says:

    First of all , I and Mick Jager , are both over 80, and in certain ways I believe both are more cognizant than Dr Galloway , so age should not be the deciding factor . Second , although I enjoy and learn from your NM/NM posts, this and other articles here demonstrate that Dr Galloway has not yet reached that egoless state of objectivity he seems to aspire to. I do not feel that Bidens attempt to remain in the race is motivated by his ego , and I think if he believed, as Dr Galloway does, that either Harris, or Newsome had a better chance to defeat Trump , I believe he would step down. I myself do not know which is the best way to defeat Trump.

  65. Shermane Fouche says:

    I read your posts and listen to you with great respect. I think your perspective is right most of the time. I hope that you might be an advisor to either one of your suggestions for president. You are on target for the changes in the social contract and most of what affects that.

  66. stephen sturgeon says:

    I sincerely like your posts and agree with most of your opinions. I WISH YOU WOULD LEAVE OUT THE VULGARITY ( F- THIS , F- THAT). YOU DON’T NEED THAT TO MAKE YOUR POINT. I find it very offensive and beneath you. I will not share your posts with my friends because of your use of the f-word. We don’t speak that way or encourage it. If it gets worse I will unsubscribe!

    • Zac says:

      Bye don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Ryan says:

      hilarious. in 2016, we elect the most cruel, vulgar, and narcissistic man to the highest office in the land. a whole country confusing strength and leadership with cocksure hyperbolic nonsense…but yeah, Scott cursing. That’s the issue!

  67. Steve Barman says:

    Your worst column ever. Standing up for a influence peddling pedophile who has bankrupted the country. Shame

  68. Mark says:

    At this point, regardless of whether Biden drops out (I hope he does), the only way it appears Trump loses is if he drops dead from a heart attack.

    • Ryan says:

      like 40% possible with his obesity and diet. But never talked about because, hey, he’s loud, brash, and quick witted with insults!

  69. Johnny Pavo says:

    Someone needs to convince, Jill, his two best friends and Hunter that Joe Biden deserves infinitely more credit than the idiots of this country will ever give or comprehend he delivered to them, in many far more beneficial ways than Trump ever would, or could even understand was best for real Americans. But there’s simply nothing left to accomplish, nor should we even expect such from a great man whose earned a decade of relaxation away from the spotlight, with his grandkids at 80 YEARS OLD, definitely tired out too. Then convince with the obvious, complimentary logic if he makes Trump’s victory easier, he’ll lose even more of that credit if not all of it, but more importantly, he’ll be flushing that successful legacy, Ukraine, and all of his other repairs and accomplishments,like global warming aka Build Back Better, back into our existential abyss at a time that could spell the straw that broke civilization’s back.

    • Johnny Pavo says:

      And you know the GoP, were Biden to win, would be chanting 25th Amendment until we all wanted to find a nearest bottomless cliff to take a jump over hearing one more time. Biden should embrace this precisely because Trump cannot, and should also see it as a great way to author his own ending completely himself. I hope his family is really really weighing these scales, because Joe is not, which is just plain rotten, as loved ones would for their parents I hope 99 out of 100 times.

  70. JT says:

    Great post Prof G, thanks. Spot on and time to move on. Believe Mayor Pete deserves some serious consideration here. In the admin, vet, bright, young. Has engaged with conservatives on Fox ‘News’ and can get some potential cross over.

  71. Dr. Sandy Nuttall says:

    I too have had my head in the sand. As a senior I can readily identify with Biden’s attempts to remain in office – getting older and less capable is not easy to accept. Your thoughtful reasoning has changed my mind. I agree – time to leave when you can do so on your own terms.

    • Shermane Fouche says:

      I would vote for Gavin in a heartbeat and everyone else in my circle would too, or so I think. Kamala could win if we fiercely support her.

  72. Michael, Whit says:

    Scott, I agree with your opinion in this essay for the most part. I do think, however, that you (and I) are underestimating the pull of power. The intoxication from political power must be the best high, because there are numerous examples of what appears to be a clear situation to back down turns into a headstrong commit to stay the course. Menendez, Boebert, Santos, and of course Trump. It isn’t just Biden drunk with that elixir – it is the surrounding staff who know their days of power are limited, and his family as well. Biden may see that once he gives up this power position, he will skip the senior statesmen era and go right into the elder citizen slightly less stiff than Carter. His family and supporters will have to grab their ticket at the meat counter at their local grocery just like the hourlies. How grotesque that must look. I hope someone changes this course soon, I can’t believe these are the choices for the leader of the best Country in the world.

    • Johnny Pavo says:

      The Bidens have celebrity and plenty of money, and at this point, getting away from all the BS, especially Biden, while protecting his legacies and legislative accomplishments, should sound INFINITELY better than another thankless term feeling this corrupted world slide a bit closer to end times. One thing that should piss off, upset Biden would be being remembered only for allowing Trump to win, failing America at it’s worst time, followed by witnessing Trump deconstruct every great policy he tailored.

  73. Goldman says:

    No such luck thus far. Read Albert Brooks in Atlantic

  74. Mac says:


  75. laura young says:

    I just watched the ABC interview. Joe Biden was better than frail. But seriously, 4 more years? Joe was the “bridge” and said one term. He lied. Trump will not give Biden another debate. Dems and Independents are very nervous. Global wars, political division, economy slowing, small businesses closing, inflation. I couldn’t ask one of my parents to take on that stress. Let alone facing a son going to prison. Too much for someone his age…where do we go with that???

    • Johnny Pavo says:

      It hurts that Joe Biden even feels like he owes us 4 more years. His legacy is golden, and his family should encourage him to see his bowing out as something he got to control, something he earned, and not something he should want or feel he needs to risk Trump turning into a demoralizing hell that will absolutely suck years off of whatever’s left.

  76. Alan Tooraen says:

    I have never voted for Trump but your description of Bidens presidency and Kamala Harris is a fantasy. No president that let’s 7 million non citizens across the our border, or that has been hidden for years from the public and had endless excuses made about his competence is in any way great. He is loosing because of his policies to a pathetic Donald Trump! I prefer to believe the proper analogy is would you prefer to be ruled by a corrupt senile old fool, or a Narsasistic, bragadocio big mouth? I choose neither and hope to God all of the political elite are blamed for the state of our nation and driven from office or put in jail . We have 339 million people and these two fools are our only choices? That should really frighten you. I unlike you am not a partisan slave to the pipe dream that the party (D or R) can save the Republic!

  77. Derek Blackburn says:

    Scott, wonderful essays, all of them. Thank you.

    Regarding your current, it’s funny but remember 4 yrs ago when millions of voters said, “ok, we’ll vote for you this time, but not a second. Remember Joe, you’re only a temporary 1-term pres we need this ONE time to defeat the greater criminal candidate.”

    Yeah, we remember but apparently old, white fucktards, and their families don’t.

    Doesn’t matter anyway, I’m in Oregon and it’ll go blue along w Wash and Cali. Only voters in 5 states will determine the ‘24 election.

    I talk to my dad who’s eighty and he simply refuses to believe that his generation “won’t get out of the way.”

    It’s funny how data proves otherwise.

  78. Annie Appleby says:

    Hi Scott. Biden needs to be a bridge and give the torch to the next guy. Aging does not get better.
    We are a healthy Party. He will hopefully be talked out of staying and the sooner the better while we still have time. Look at Dianne Feinstein and RBG. YIKES! He really needs to go. Same applies to the other side, but that Party is dead. And their guy is actively destructive.

  79. Srinivas Sunder says:

    Interesting that you think Newsom is “hotter” than Kamala Harris. President Obama is on record as saying that Kamala Harris was the best-lookin’ AG in the country, a comment that suggests that males find her quite attractive. The down side of that is that, notwithstanding her being elected and re-elected to substantial roles (San Francisco DA and California AG before becoming US Senator), she is sometimes seen as insubstantial, even a bimbo, who’s in her role principally to ensure that black voters turn out for Biden in Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee and Atlanta.

    But yes, either Newsom or Harris can clean Trump’s clock in a debate and turn the election narrative upside down. That’s why Trump is being quiet – he’s hoping Biden stays in and continues to stumble and fumble his way into a November loss.

  80. C Cook says:

    Read Ben Hunt’s latest post. Everyone knows saga, how insiders know but do not tell. When an outsider finds out and shouts that the Emperor has no clothes, the rats scatter. Harvey Weinstein, Joe Biden, two examples.

  81. C Cook says:

    No, Joe Biden is not a ‘decent person’. He is a serial liar, from his house burning down, to being raised poor or by Puerto Ricans. From having an affair, to assaulting a female staffer. From being anti-segregational to claiming he when to a ‘Traditional Black College’. Genuinely ‘decent people’ do not lie with impunity in nearly every speech when the facts are so easily checked. Hate Trump all you want, but do not make a fool out of yourself by saying Biden is a ‘decent person’.

  82. JC McDermott VI says:

    Wow! Someone (Scott) who says that not running is more a statement of love than all else. Love of country, love of Democracy.

    Scott gets it. Few others wish to dig that deep.

  83. Jeff Robinson says:

    You are suffering from the Sunken Cost Fallacy. At this point, it doesn’t matter who runs for the Democrats; their goose is cooked. All the best, Scott. I love your work and podcast.

  84. Garrett Cunnington says:

    Scott, I read most your weekly posts and find them compelling. This week when I read your statement “How could we be this f***ing stupid?” I was like “Exactly! That’s what so many of us have been wondering for a few years now!” The level of disdain democrats have shown toward anyone daring to question Biden’s fitness for office has been deplorable (sorry, had to borrow Hilary’s adjective). I’m waiting to hear about the first democratic apology for the blissfull vilifiication they’ve shown those asking about Biden’s abilities. I think we’ll be waiting a while for that one as the party reels with this attention seeking “oh no” moment while the sane among us are wondering “if they couldn’t see this, how many other super obvious things can’t they recognize?!?” What’s the over-under on when the next time Biden shakes hands with imaginary people on stage after reading the teleprompter parentheticals while wearing his orthopedic shoes that reduce his likelihood of falling down?

  85. Dydactyl says:

    Biden is a decent man? You are delusional.

  86. Jack Tarpey says:

    As usual, a very well thought out enjoyable read.

  87. Joe Schlafly says:

    Scott: this is a good analysis. However, you lack vision in only mentioning VP Harris and Gov. Newsom as possible replacements. For example, Michigan and Pennsylvania are must win states for the Democratic Party; Governors Whitmer and Shapiro, respectively, are very popular and would make excellent candidates. The name recognition would be almost instantaneous nationally as the stakes are so high. Keep up your very thoughtful and provocative commentary. JJS

  88. Lucy Galbraith says:

    I agree with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:
    The question isn’t about Biden, it’s about whether or not we will continue to pander to people who base their vote on one TV appearance rather than facts and records.

    • M Wilber says:

      “… who base their vote on one TV appearance rather than facts and records.”

      Alternatively, who base their vote upon many months/perhaps years of seeing apparent decline, with the Biden team telling us over and over that it’s not what we suspect. The reality smacked us across the forehead a week ago.

      But it’s not even a matter of what thoughtful people conclude after a careful weighing of pros and cons. It’s what a relative handful of low-information, until-last-week-undecided voters in 5 states feel about Biden’s competence. The Trump campaign, if they haven’t already started, will be airing highlights of Biden’s stumbles 24/7 on all media, with special targeting to such low-information voters. Can you imagine Biden pulling back /most/ of those undecided voters in that scenario? I certainly can’t.

      Low-information, swing state voters aside, do you really want a president who today might have 6 good hours a day in him, when he’s not travelling the globe across time zones? The US President is The essential worker, who must be on top of his game 14 hours a day, and in the middle of the night if he gets called to the Situation Room.

    • SRS says:

      Past performance is not reflective of future results. This particularly true the older you get, and more so when you’re at the fag end of the actuarial tables.

      Biden is not going to be judged on his record, but whether he can continue to execute for the next 4 years. The evidence from the debate performance was clearly that he can not. You could argue that that performance is not truly reflective of his physical and cognitive health, and that he is not only much healthier than what that performance suggested, but in fact that he will be that much more healthy for the next 4 years. The evidence of your eyes and the actuarial tables should suggest otherwise.

  89. Dwyer says:

    Well written and considered. As much as I despise tRump, and even with his flaws (past and present) I would vote for Biden again in a heartbeat, but I’d prefer to vote for Newsom or Whitmer or even Harris. I feel less confident that Kamala can beat trump but it would be glorious to have him defeated by a woman of color. Michele Obama could put her hat in the ring and walk away with it, imho. But you’re spot on with the case for Newsom. He’s straight out of Standard Casting. I remember encountering him on the street in San Francisco when he was just running for mayor and was basically the same age as me and I thought (Nandor the Relentless voice:) “This fucking guy” because he seemed like a smug pretty boy who just thought it was his destiny to be the leader guy. But I believe he’s proven himself many times over and assuming we aren’t stuck with a Forever Trump Dynasty, I have no doubt Newsom will hold the office sooner or later. I’d prefer it be sooner.

  90. Chris J says:

    How is this not Elder Abuse on behalf of the Jill Biden?

  91. Mark S says:

    Harris and Newsome would both be terrible horses to run. Harris is not known as a “strong AG and senator” because she had lack luster performance in both (hence why she captured essentially 0% of the votes in the primary). She was then put on the ticket with Biden after an open call for checking demographics.

    As for Newsome, he has never had an actual challenge. He didn’t even bother to put his picture or bio in the election guide for CA. Pelosi’s nephew has had an easy ride and craftily deflects the mess in his wake. SF has increasingly become a disaster and CA is driving out it’s productive working class in favor of virtue signaling politics (when people are struggling to get by, CA tackled the REAL struggle citizens were facing…gender neutral toy aisles and lawn mower engines)

    CA is a large economy but it is not BECAUSE of people like Newsome and Harris but rather DESPITE of them. Neither would do well jumping in the hot seat now.

    If they pick either of those two, I think it’s still very likely Trump takes it in November

  92. Mike M says:

    I think his family and Jill are driven by ego just as much as Joe. They’ve been adjacent to power for Joe’s entire political career and wouldn’t willingly want to encourage an end to that. Likely having the same chip on their shoulders that Joe does about being overlooked and held back by the Dem establishment.

  93. Susan says:

    Consider Liz Cheney. She has proven her courage, integrity, and willingness to put country before self. Democrats would vote for her because we despise Trump, and she has proven her willingness and commitment to stand up to him. Sane Republicans would vote for her because they are desperate for an alternative to chaos and totalitarianism. The country needs a bipartisan coalition to unite us, and no one could better achieve that than Liz Cheney. Bonus: she would drive Trump utterly insane, and he wouldn’t be able to restrain his worst, craziest instincts.

  94. Lucas Foust says:

    We should all be able to relate to the difficult conversation most of will have with an elderly parent that I have to take your keys. The problem for the Biden family is the combination of the gravity of power, the sense of entitlement that is so very easy to suck people in and the insulation from the real world that must happen in the White House. As always, good piece Scott.

  95. Kathy Judge says:

    Politics is such a treacherous way of life. Capable people with young families get threatening phone calls of we know where your children go to school. Joe Biden should state he wants the best for his country and thereby pass the baton.

  96. SteveO says:

    It seems that the Biden family is not coming to the rescue. For the dems to continue to support the Biden reelection bid is insanity. It’s been a week since the debate. My thoughts are Newsome or Harris would destroy trump. Please drop out Joe.

  97. Ryan says:

    Why is the only option vote within the two party system? Why can’t we independently vote for the best candidate – 4 candidates are mentioned in this article but there are additional, independent candidates to also consider.

    • LucyG says:

      We already had primaries. We already chose Biden. He has a great team, has accomplished an amazing amount of work already.
      It’s stupid to think anyone else could pull voters together in 4 months.
      Not to mention offending everyone over 70 who has occasional brain fog.

  98. Cyril Tobin says:

    The optimistic tone suggests the Biden family will realize the futility and poor health outcomes associated with Biden’s candidacy. That ship has sailed and if the Obamas and other Dem royalty are leading a reconsideration I am not reading much evidence that this is taking place.

    The President has a team in place. Given the spittle currently running down President Biden’s chin, I would think we are safer trusting the Biden team than voting for a man that is intent on splintering the US into haves and have nots, people of colour vs caucasians, straight vs a different kind of straight etc.
    Mr. Nasty was supported by 80 million people last time! I am scared for Canada!

  99. JOC says:

    Your argument makes no sense. The family knew better than anybody that JB was impaired. They could have acted months ago if this was about love.

  100. Glenn says:

    It is hard to describe the sickness and anger I felt watching the June debate. I saw this coming in the early debates between Biden and peer candidates back in 2019. It was clear to me that a Biden presidency would result in elder abuse and was a remote possibility. Here we are 4 years later and we saw the same train wreck.

    Democrats need to bring forward the strongest possible candidate to BEAT the fascist, felonious, rapist, tyrannical, gasbag circus freak.

    I propose:
    1. ACCOUNTABILITY – Publicly fire the handlers who perpetuated the elder abuse of Biden to happen,
    2. Partner with Democratic governors, leaders and respectfully pressure Biden to end his campaign and step aside,
    3. Nominate the best (<60 year-old) candidate to beat Trump and his MAGA supporters in Congress.
    4. Make a succession plan for every Democratic Senate and Representative seat at Federal, State and Municipal levels.
    5. Begin exiting older politicians in an organized manner to ensure Democratic Party consistency, resiliency and strength in future election cycles. (Surprised Prof G missed calling out steps 4 & 5)


  101. Mary says:

    This is a moral issue. Can we knowingly vote for someone who is not cognitively able to perform the job of President? (I can say the same for Trump). His replacement must defeat Trump. No second guessing this.

  102. Melissa says:

    Why not Buttigieg or someone else? I’m a registered Republican, part of the never Trump group. I can’t honestly vote for Biden with good conscious either. I don’t mind Newsom, but why not someone with less “California Liberal”? Someone a little more middle to grab more votes and assure Trump a loss. We’re a smart nation, with intelligent people that can run the nation.

    • Phil D says:

      Not sure the country is ready for Mayor Pete or a woman President-I know…sounds so base but it will come down to the swing states. Newsom and Harris won’t appeal to those folks. We need a very solid-appearing middle-of-the-raod type. Whitmer maybe. I think Jon Tester would be a very winnable choice. The goal is really defeating Trump.

  103. Bruce says:

    Beyond the debate, the hardest part was watching the dems continue trying to sell us that this was just some sort of blip and President Biden is still the best option. Doubling down on stupid was an American embarrassment.

  104. Tara says:

    Ditto, ditto on every comment you have shared. It is painfully clear that President Biden needs to step down for the good of the country which entails keeping trump first and foremost out of the White House. Thank you Scott

  105. Truth Hurts says:

    “President Biden will go down as one of the great presidents” – Scott Galloway

    Are you still standing behind that statement or would you like to take this moment to walk that back?

    The past 4+ years has been a neverending Weekend at Bernies humiliation ritual where all the media talking heads (including Galloway) were telling us all that Biden was the bestest, greatest, most magnificent thing ever. Yet anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear could clearly tell that Biden has had cognitive problems for a very long time now.

    What happened to your Discernment, Galloway?

    What happened to your honesty?

    Aren’t you one of those leaders that values honesty and people owning up to their mistakes?

    You want to take this moment to own up to some of your mistakes?

  106. Summers says:

    I can’t figure out, how Democrats have let themselves be fooled for so long. Everyone on the Republican side has talked about this for 3 years. Dems must believe their own media without any notion to check for themselves. Of course the media are shameful at playing one side to maximise their revenue in the new digital economy. As a Republican, I can assure Dems they have been lied to about Biden on many other occasions in many other ways on a host of serious matters. Its just the business model of keeping subscribers I guess, so we just shrug our shoulders. It is a peculiarity of humans to believe what they most want to believe without scrutiny. Adk yourself though, if the Dem media have hidden this from Dems so easily, what else may they be avoiding? Just ask a Republican and then open your minds.

  107. Sorin says:

    You could say that it’s Joever

  108. Delena says:

    Prof. G, finally someone brings up the promise that Biden made to be a transitional president. He had four years to help his successor shine and that time was squandered. I think Newsom is the viable candidate. You’re right – he is hot and the visceral reaction is the one that is going to drive people to the polls.

    All I can say is, from your mouth to God’s ear.

    By the way, what piano did you choose? The Boesendorfer or the Steinway?

    Delena Roth
    NYU class of 2008

  109. Frances says:

    Your argument is compelling and jives with Thomas Friedman’s opinion piece in the NYT. Steven Stuart also wrote an opinion piece equally poignant , and his opinion is counter to your views. As a Canadian I believe Trump would be disastrous for the USA and Canada when it comes to trade. The USA is our major trading partner. How do you negotiate
    with a thug??? I just hope that the majority of Americans don’t take a wrecking ball to their political system that is now motivated by ignorance and greed. There is no room for indifference in this election. My wish is that both parties fill the chairs with people who truly put country over their personal interests. That is the only way rebuilding what needs to change will work. Those people exist.

  110. peter glowacki says:

    Scott, while in general I love your perspective on things, I’m afraid you suffer from TDS, as so many on the Left. Biden is not a good person. He is a well known political shakedown artist. Does one earn the nickname “Envelope Joe” because they are beyond reproach? You want to be the arbiter of truth, yet you believe that the Biden Family has amassed their wealth without selling access and votes? You really think Hunter is not the negotiator for the Biden Family grift? He should be paid 1M to sit on a Ukrainian corporate board? That type of naivete is exactly what put Biden in office in the first place. His cognitive decline was well known before he was elected. Yet, Democrats and the media put their collective heads in the sand and gaslit the gullible. I am continually amazed at how otherwise intelligent people can be easily manipulated to not believe their own eyes. I’m not saying that T is our moral compass and beyond grift. I’m saying that I believe he will actually put America first and be a forceful world leader. A strong America makes for a stronger world.

    • Christine says:

      Hunter Biden was paid $11 million dollars between Ukraine and China. The Biden’s are dirty. I’m a lifelong democrat and I’m not voting for Joe Biden again. We pay him $400,000 per year, luxury jet travel for he and his family, secret service detail, servants, personal aides, food, clothing, private chefs, the finest clothes, the best healthcare and a pension. If he can’t stand at a podium for ninety minutes and answer softball questions then he should be fired. I’m angry and I’ve had enough of these politicians. Fifty years on the taxpayer tit is disgusting. I agree with everything you said.

    • Truth Hurts says:

      There was also CP on the Hunter Biden laptop.

  111. Stan Konwiser says:

    You need some edits: ‘Which brings us back to the possibility that Trump, a genuinely bad person (without evidence), may be reelected. Biden, a genuinely decent person (without evidence), has let his ego wager all our futures.’

    Your TDS has made you a pawn of the MSM, parroting their DNC talking points. The recent ‘revelation’ that we have been lied to by the Biden Administration and the MSM concerning Biden’s cognitive state begs the next question: What else have they been lying to us about?

  112. Steve Fawthrop says:

    Scott, a second comment that I should have included. In discussion w/ some people I know this week about the dilemma in the Dem ticket, I floated, on the assumption Harris is head of the ticket and get along with him, that Tim Kaine be added for Veep. I believe a lot of good reasons. First, he was vetted in 2016 and has ran in a presidential campaign, so he knows what would be expected. Second, He has a strong record: Harvard law, Richmond, VA mayor, Lt. Governor, Governor and has just added 8 more years experience in the Senate since running with Clinton. Third, would have the Clinton and Obama support. He is Catholic. He is fluent in Spanish (help in NV, AZ). Fourth, he has some name recognition from running before. He might be perceived as a nice balance in styles working with Harris. No, he is not dazzling as a star quality. Let’s run with solid and trust voters. Last, let’s hope Trump comes up with a “Sarah Palin” type selection as his running mate.

  113. Dan Hallahan says:

    Hear! Hear!

  114. says:

    Excellent, Scott. Every word. Above the fold on every U.S. newspaper. Living in France now, excruciatingly painful to watch. Folks here bewildered by what they’re witnessing.

  115. Stew Berry says:

    You and many others hate Trump so much that you have forgotten the job that we are talking about, the Leader of the Free world. Biden, Newsom or Harris couldn’t handle the job. You know it and so does the undecided and moderate Dems. It is shameful that you haven’t written about the falsehoods perpetuated by the Democratic National operative in cahoots with Hillary (who by the way paid the fine for using campaign funds to pay for the dossier). I am sick to death of the way in which you and your ilk have used your communications organs to attack Trump. It is shameful that you have not talked about the present danger the globe faces from “real” dictators in China, Iran, North Korea and Russia, I might add not Donald Trump. He was President for four (4) years, none of his opponents were locked up on trumped up charges, he had inflation at 1.7% and 3% unemployment. He showed strength internationally, etc, etc. Why on earth won’t you write about these superior results particularly in comparison to Presidents Obama and Biden. Oh just one more thing, no wars on Trumps watch, no invasions and no nuclear discussion except by the Dems saying Trump would cause a 3rd world war (which we are much closer too now under President Bidens watch.)

    • kene says:

      There is a reason why most of the three star generals that worked with Trump for four years said he is unfit to be president and a danger to democracy. Even his own VP won’t endorse him. All the NATO countries are planning emergency contingency plans in case Trump wins. Why is this?
      Think about it.

    • Bill Damroth says:

      Totally agree with you – thanks for the courage to write this. I just bought his book and now regret it. At least I will not buy the other books that have been written. Trump is not perfect ( none of us are ), but these bleeding heart liberals are a greater threat America. Also, if everyone was scrutinized the way Trump is we would all be in trouble. Thanks again.

  116. Javan says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm, while the nation may be ready for a woman president, I am not convinced they are ready for a “Black” woman president. I think the T.V. show 24 made it palatable for America to vote Obama because viewers liked David Palmer and Obama shared similar appeal. I cannot name one black woman president fictional character in mainstream TV/Movie. Heck, the first black woman captain of a fictional starship in Star Trek universe (Star Trek: Discovery) just happened in 2017; and Star Trek first aired 09/08/1966!!! Like the Civil Rights movement acceptance, HIV/AIDS acceptance, or LGB (T not quite here yet) acceptance (to name a few), I think Hollywood first has to portray this as a norm prior to legitimate first black woman president is truly considered by the nation (RIP Shirley Chisolm). Love weekly reading content. Thanks!

  117. John says:

    Scenario 2 means Biden and family spend a lot of time in court for the big payback. Much of Biden’s influence peddling occurred before he was President and recent Supreme Court ruling does not protect him, like it does for Trump. The Family needs him to win.

  118. George says:

    The Trump cucks are scared, which is a great sign.

  119. Dan says:

    Scott, while I roll you and like your views on society, stating false information is unbecoming. Clyborn,Pelosi and Obama have Never said or hinted at Biden stepping down. In reality, we get Harris either way and a 50% Biden is still worth no Trump. Our biggest danger is complacency , not Biden . Those of us who are deeply afraid of another Trump presidency will vote Democrat regardless.
    You have shaken my belief in your opinions with these falsehoods

  120. Renée LeBlanc says:

    Aging is cruel and brutal. But someone needs to take the car keys away. Now. Everyone with a brain will vote against Trump. If they vote. People are exasperated and appalled that this is the best we can do. My fear is enough people will not vote to allow Trump to win if Biden stays. To say that Biden is being judged on 90 minutes sounds like the Trump campaign telling us we didn’t hear what we heard. He is not going to “bounce back” or “get better”. It is very sad but it is life.

  121. David, Dei says:

    “He is on the short list when polls are taken about who should be added to Mount Rushmore” – LOL

  122. h,r says:

    “Yes, an impaired Biden would still make a better second-term president, but we’ll probably never know. ”

    You sir are a fool. Sorry.

  123. Jane Walerud says:

    how about Nikki Haley? She could attract a lot of republicans who would rather not vote for Trump as well as all the democrats who won’t vote for Trump. Plus, she is supposedly a good boss and is internationally experienced.

  124. Jeffrey says:

    Great post Scott. I am frequently critical. Note here. Happy 4TH!

  125. J. says:

    I agree with your assessment, Scott. The Democrats’ best chance to win the presidency and retain Senate seats is to nominate someone unaffiliated with the Biden administration.

  126. ralf says:

    the US needs an all female ticket

  127. Frank says:

    Couple of points.
    Re: Newsom—have you seen the mess he’s made of California?
    Re: Biden—withdrawal from Afghanistan, draining our Petroleum Reserve to help his buddies prevail in mid-terms, cabinet of clowns, habitual liar, rampant crime in streets, weaponization of justice dept., etc. etc.
    Re: Harris—border czar….never been there, laughs to cover inadequacies.

    Re: Trump—no wars, country prospered economically, supported by military, border patrol, police departments, very decent family says much about him.

    • Keith says:

      Thank you, Scott. Your article makes a compelling case, and the comments are truly eye-opening. One candidate is a twice-impeached convicted felon (34 counts!) who urged an insurrection to remain in power. The other is a career politician who is past his prime. The false equivalence is mind-boggling.

    • Peter I. says:

      CA isn’t a mess, the Fox News coverage of it is. And those people aren’t undecided voters.

      You can ding Biden on Afghanistan but the data doesn’t support you when you talk about domestic energy production, crime or that utter nonsense about weaponizing the justice department (which there isn’t a shred of evidence anywhere to support).

  128. Stephen McGee says:

    My instinct tells me that Trump wins regardless of who the Democrats run. And I trust my instinct.

  129. Brent says:

    I think you’re nuts on. Having cared for and lost both elderly parents, he needs to step down. We need Newsom, I believe betting on the first woman president is a high risk strategy. Would be great if congress just dogged the ageism dogma and made running a 5K, without stopping and within a time limit, a prerequisite for president. Hell, even donut eating Clinton jogged.

    • Jackie says:

      > We need Newsom

      Have you SEEN California?

      • Jim Erskine says:

        I live in CA and wouldn’t trade it for Texas, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Idaho – all Republican led and promoting Christo-fascist policies. Sure, we have our issues and our politicians occasionally do stupid things, but we try to solve problems, not make them worse.

  130. Noah says:

    Awesome post, thank you. Very much enjoyed and very much agree.

    • Cass Bielski says:

      Professor Allan Lictman at American University has predicted the winners of the last 10 Presidential elections (with some controversy about one of the picks) based on 13 keys. Based on this system, Biden should stay in the race and would likely win. Professor Lictman’s second best recommendation for Democrats (democracy?) based on his system would be for Biden to resign from the Presidency now and allow Harris to run as the incumbent, although she would be less likely to win. Any other scenario makes a Trump win very likely, according to this system. This worries me.

  131. Jon Oswaks says:

    Newsom is a great debater?
    Shirley you jest
    Yes I called you Shirley

    The rest of the article 😊

  132. Felix Markman says:

    Hate on Trump all you want., but this…?

    Biden, a genuinely decent person….

    You must be joking. A career criminal, pedophile (as called by his own degenerate son), selling out America for 50 years. Biden is not a genuinely good person. He’s a dopey, spineless loser.

    • Tom Michael says:

      Biden is a genuinely decent person?

      I could not possibly disagree more. I honestly think he’s far worse than Trump ignoring the fact that he is now senile.

    • Geo Hanzlik says:

      This is not the argument here. It’s not about decency. We are NOT debating decency. This post is about capability. If Biden were capable (i.e. sharp), then he would be fit to run. He is (far more) decent. But the logic here is that he is not physically and mentally fit for the job.

    • Peter I says:

      It’s impossible to take people who call Joe Biden a pedophile seriously. How come there hasn’t been a single accusation even approaching that until he beat Trump by seven million votes? And, of course, there’s no reason to look into why the Trump/Q movement is so obsessed with calling everyone a pedo, right?

  133. Ed Bradley says:

    Hi Scott – I recognize your liberal leaning, but have always found you to be moderate….until now.
    This column made you sound as panic’d as the Democratic party. You are more selling than informing or speculating. Take a breath. Another Trump term won’t be that bad. You don’t have to hang out with him if you don’t like him personally. Relax and get back to writing the articles you used to write. I don’t always agree with you. but I always find your writing insightful.

  134. RJR says:

    Yes, the stupidity is appalling. Scott, please offer your advice in debate prep for any future candidate. You’re the best communicator I’ve ever heard — plain speaking story-teller who uses facts.

  135. Kent says:

    Agree with almost everything except:
    1. Biden has been a great president????
    2. Harris was a great AG and Senator, also wrong.

  136. B Danner says:

    Scott, you were the one who predicted Trump would drop out to avoid prosecution. You were clearly wrong about that. And you are wrong about Biden. He won’t drop out because of two things–the same two things that keep Trump in the race–ego and hubris. Face it–it’s going to be Trump v Biden 2.0 and Trump is going to win. Luckily for you, Scott, you moved to London. Everybody else–are your bunkers ready?

  137. DEW says:

    “ How could we be this fucking stupid?”
    Because you leftists did what you leftists always do when confronted by the truth right in front of your face. You ignore it or make up lies or half truths to convince yourselves that the altered reality you live is the real one.

    • DEW says:

      And you are still doing it. Trump is going to win — easily and then your liberal tears will flood streets and the wailing and gnashing of teeth will begin as will all the lies and overwrought emotion about the fall of democracy. Is there a more emotionally overcharged group than the left?

  138. David says:

    I see it as a certainty that Biden will step aside– even in this country with so many unhinged office holders you can’t run a candidate for President who is clearly in the throes of rapid congnitive decline. I suspect the delay in his formal withdrawal is due to disagreement over next steps.
    But I don’t think any replacement candidate can defeat Trump, for several reasons. Most significantly, the Democrats have overplayed their hand these past three and a half years. Biden ran on a pledge to unite the country but he never made an effort to do that. Instead, he was unwilling to say no to the far left faction of his party. The party has insisted on emphasizing race and gender, and to a certain extent climate change, over issues more resonant with most voters. Gender fluidity, race and climate change are not things that the average American is focused on when they wake up in the morning or go to bed at night. And then with respect to the border, it is astonishing that Biden let this problem fester for so long, when it obviously was something average Americans actually did think about. Add to this the cynical grab for power by forgiving student debt, which is insulting to the vast majority who don’t have student loans and who will have to pay for someone’s degree in the environmental impact of the War of 1812. I don’t think these problems can be overcome in a few months by Newsom, Whitmer, Harris or anyone else.

    • h, r says:

      au contraire

      “I see it as a certainty that Biden will step aside– even in this country with so many unhinged office holders you can’t run a candidate for President who is clearly in the throes of rapid cognitive decline.”

      Liberals including this author clearly WOULD prefer an obviously demented man to be president than Trump. Not bc they care about USA but simply bc they have TDS. They/He hate Trump that much. Don’t trust me – read what Scott wrote….

      ” Yes, an impaired Biden would still make a better second-term president,”

      Here’s what’s even worse…Scott ( and EVERY other liberal) knew long ago that Biden was mentally unfit….but they didn’t care. Never Trump! That’s all that matters. Brilliant. Talk about a religion Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers are indeed religious in this regard. Crazy.

  139. Peter B says:

    It’s not coincidental that the Average Age of U.S. Congress started ascending in 1988/89. That’s when the NCVIA started, just a few years after Reagan shredded the Fairness Doctrine (he signed both). The corporate capture of government agencies really took off, media companies shedded their non-profit status and started the propaganda that continues to this day, and lobbyists started buying off Congress. The SEC loopholes remains, so Congress is all about the status quo of prioritizing profits over people.

  140. Tom Siegel says:

    Biden will lose to Trump clearly. The easiest/best solution is Harris. Yes she has been demonized by the right from the moment she was named VP; clearly she has was likely to earn the presidential nomination eventually and the right always play the long game (as they did with Hillary). I would never vote for Trump, but if Biden and his team can’t put the country ahead of his narcissistic ego, then he loses my vote. RBG is a villain by her own choice; the definition of a tragedy of the commons. I say give Harris a shot, add the PA governor as VP (if PA is lost it’s over) and pray.

  141. Dave Darmour says:

    Thank you for this “hard-real” editorial. Sobering indeed. (Bill Maher called it as well.)

  142. Megan says:

    Why do you blame RBG for not retiring instead of acknowledging the fact that Mitch McConnell REFUSED to let Obama appoint Merrick Garland? Y’all are so quick to blame Ginsburg, which I think is really shitty. The woman loved her career, why is that such a bad thing?

    • Sullivan says:

      Obama brought her to the White House in 2013 and as much as but not word for word asked her to step aside and choose a replacement and she said she couldn’t think of another woman in America who could fill her seat. So yeah….. It’s widely reported not conjecture. Barret quite literally sits in her chair.

    • Tom says:

      Loving your career is fine. Having the wisdom to understand that you job affects the lives of 330 million Americans, and that there are forces greater than your own, takes wisdom. Which, despite her career accomplishments, she lacked.

  143. Ruggles says:

    This is probably a fever dream, but is it crazy-town to suggest that Mitt Romney run as an Independent or Democrat ? He would help bridge the great divide, get a lot of Republican and Maga votes (yes, they are not the same thing, by a long shot), and since the overwhelming imperative for the vast majority of Democrats is to prevent a wanna-be dictator from destroying yet another 4 years, plus whatever he can tag onto his reign with his children or appointees. Probably crazy-town, but that’s where we are now.

    • Megan says:

      What’s the point of Romney running? He isn’t a Democrat – why even suggest that? Do you think Dems like him? That’s a terrible idea. Also, an Independent has zero chance of winning this election

      • Tom says:

        I’d vote for him over Trump and Biden any day. Trumps demographic may be a mile deep and an inch wide, but I’m not even certain that Biden represents the middle/independent anymore.

  144. Miriam Crespo Rodrigo says:

    This was a really sobering, necessary read. I agree with almost everything, at least in theory. If Biden steps aside (I actually still doubt he will), some unresolved issues remain: 1) Harris is really unpopular – and we know what happened to „the email lady“. No, I don‘t think America is ready for a woman President, much less a woman of color. 2) How do you get PAST the logical natural Harris nomination and opt for (yes, very hot sauce) Newsom for example. I just don‘t see it happening bc 3) I feel like it‘s really, really too late in the election season to do a hard pivot away from Biden and for the Dems to get their shit together and actually WIN. Hey, I truly hope I‘m wrong!
    My best wishes to America from Switzerland

  145. Scott Rapalee says:

    You tell a great tale and eloquently. But the one best point you left out is something that could have kept this from ever happening. TERM LIMITS Not for just the president. And not just for a particular office. Term limits of public service. No more lifelong public servants. No more than ten years total service for any one citizen. Get these life long drains on the system out and fresh ideas in. This needs to be all forms of public service. This could cull the corruption and get new ides in at the same time. Do away with career politicians.

  146. Randy Gage says:

    Keep hearing everyone in the media parroting the line that Biden’s interview with ABC tonight is “make or break” for his campaign. That’s a very naive belief, usually fueled by people’s fondness for Joe, or their hate of Trump. But “make or break” time is in the rearview mirror. We’ve already progressed to “broken.”
    The only way for Joe to “make” it tonight and keep his campaign alive, he would need to do 3 things simultaneously:
    * Challenge and beat George Stephanopoulos in a one-armed pushup contest
    * Challenge and beat Gary Kasparov to a chess match
    * Conduct a meeting of the Joint Chiefs while launching a nuclear strike against Tehran

    If he doesn’t do all those three things tonight, he isn’t the nominee come November. Hopefully he will choose to step aside. But if he doesn’t he will be pushed aside.

  147. Montgomery says:

    Biden won’t leave. His choice is to stay and lose or to go down in history as the first president to resign for reasons of cognitive impairment. He won’t do the latter.

  148. Mike R. says:

    Nominating Kamala to replace Biden would be a calamity. She has only one tool in her political toolkit, which is playing the part of the victim. Like so many hucksters, scammers, and climbers, she wielded it with surgical precision in the Trump years; it was her bizarre invocation of busing — BUSING! in 2020! — that landed her a spot on the Biden ticket.

    But the world has changed since 2020. Americans have grown weary of, if not overtly hostile to, the suggestion that their politics and institutions must become stages for self-interested professional victims to right the supposed wrongs of yesteryear. So how will they warm to Kamala, whose lone claim to the nomination comes in the form of a threat? Specifially: that if she’s passed over, black voters will abandon the party. (Never mind that Trump is projected to win a larger share of the black vote than any Republican in the last 80 years.)

    The party has many talented politicians waiting in the wings. Gov. Andy Beshear has been elected to office twice, in KY of all places. Jared Polis is doing excellent work addressing cost of living issues in CO. Sen. Mark Kelly of AZ is an outstanding communicator and a proven winner in a battleground state. I would even include a nod to Rep. Jeff Jackson, who is a political star in the making. It would be political malpractice to nominate a profoundly flawed and unserious politician like Kamala when so many better options are available.

    • Megan says:

      Victim? Are you joking? The first female VP is anything but a victim. I think you’re a misogynist who can’t handle a woman having a powerful position. I bet you have no idea what she’s accomplished. Do yourself a favor and go watch the video @iampoliticsgirl made about Kamala

      • Mike R. says:

        Yawn. Calling people racist and sexist because they oppose your pet candidate is so 2016. If you had a strong case for Kamala’s accomplishments, you would have made it. But you don’t have one, because Kamala’s vice presidency has been a slow motion train wreck. She doesn’t conduct herself in a manner befitting the presidency, often laughing and rambling in response to questions of great importance; she and her staff complain endlessly to the media about being tasked with impossible problems, like the border crisis (somehow she expects she’d get less flak as president?); every one of her campaigns has been a viper’s nest of infighting, power struggles, and disorganization, which is a fairly strong indicator of the type of presidency you might expect from her, if she were ever to become president (she won’t). There is a reason the news around Kamala is typically turbulent and dramatic, and it’s not a vast MSM conspiracy. She’s just not that good.

  149. Herman, Ted says:

    Who would I bet could beat Trump? Mark Cuban. He has (1) name recognition, (2) was a better TV business-reality show principal, (3) is a better billionaire, (4) has a company working to lower drug prices, (5) will take Texas thanks to his (previous) ownership of a championship Dallas pro sports team, (6) plain speaking and unafraid. There are other reasons to cite, but this will never happen. Why not? The beltway and (as Jay Rosen calls it) the Church of the Savvy.

  150. Liza Heider says:

    Here we go again. The democrats are not paying attention that Trump can win the electoral college and beat Biden. Just like they did with Hillary. Every poll said Bernie would beat Trump but no, it was Hillary’ time, and we all know how that worked out. I am so disappointed in the Democratic Party and can’t believe we can’t do something bold and different as difficult as it may seem. No one listened then and I would think the Dems would do better this time. I love the idea of bringing in Gavin but how would would that even work as he’s Governor? Is this even possible? SOS

  151. James crawford says:

    Newsom would be trump’s nightmare as you say, he thinks he looks and has the intelligence to match the governor. A cracking article and I hope the biden family take your solid advice

  152. Greg Jacob says:

    Well penned, Scott. Will someone please send this article, with charts and graphs, to the Biden inner circle? I would cast an immediate vote for Mr. Newsom, if they could all line up with him as replacement. It would be the first moment I was optimistic about the outcome in a long time.

  153. jerry says:

    Hope you are correct. The easy way to do this is Harris and someone else on the ticket. Newsome as VP but since both are from California I don’t see that happening. Harris and Josh Shapiro- that would be a hot ticket. But first an uncomfortable question……

    Is this country ready to vote for a black woman.? There I said it. Yes I think we will vote for a woman but this chauvinistic country voting for a black female president? I would hope so but I fear not.

    • Scott S says:

      The only other democrats that Trump can beat are Harris and Newsom. It would be a lot tighter a race than if Biden stays, sure.

      Let the convention play out, but the rust belt and the south aren’t voting for either of those two. They’re universally despised in the swing states. Newsom’s quasi run has been a massacre for his standing in non-coastal settings.

      Also, pound for pound, DeSantis clobbered him.

      We have a great stable of candidates, speaking of charts and data I hope it’s not either KH or GN

    • Jeremy R says:

      @jerry, please re-read the 12th Amendment… and look into how VP Cheney changed his permanent residency from TX to WY before the 2000 election. If the Democratic Party wants Harris and Newsom on the ticket, one of them would “simply” need to change their permanent residence. I would guess VP Harris, since she “lives” in DC for past 3-1/2 years.

      PS @Scott– I agree with you 100% here. Spot-on! TY for writing this.

  154. David G says:

    Excellent analysis, but it’s still politics as somewhat usual. To really show we mean business about beating Trump, saving democracy, restoring some semblance of bipartisanship, and ultimately restoring the Republican party to respectability, how about a bipartisan unity ticket? Newsom or Schumer or Harris (though she’s even less likable than HRC) with VP Kinzinger would get nearly all Democratic voters, most Independents, and a hell of a lot of non-MAGA Republicans.

    • Meta says:

      This is such a brilliant idea and although probably not feasible / would actually work if it was doable.

  155. Teri Agins says:

    Spot-on, Scott. I declared the same on social media the morning after the debate.I also favor Gov. Newsom, an effective leader, a glib and great communicator ,who optically telegraphs vigor and strength… who will win over fence-sitting young voters.– and help down ballot Dems running for Congress. If not Newsom, how about Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky. Leave VP Harris in place on the ticket. Just think of the newfound vigor at the Dem convention in August when Biden introduces Newsom on stage! . The Dems pivot — pragmatic and wise– will dominate the news cycle and strike a sharp contrast the old, despicable and dangerous Trump. Note to Biden : relish you win as an effective one-term president at a critical juncture. Now step up and make this pivot stick to save Democracy. You still have important work in the White House – instead of fretting about every performance you have on camera.

  156. Paul Wiefels says:

    Spot on. The gaslighting by Democrat loyalists to Biden currently is disgusting, and once again highlights the inability of the party to take hard decisions lest someone, somewhere wet their pants, feel bad about themselves, or otherwise suffer some perceived insult that threatens their delicate sensibilities. A candidate is in service to their constituency, not the other way round. The GOP long ago reconciled themselves to this as, out of compelling ideas, they’re now a cult of personality and grievance with a narcissistic, empty vessel as leader. Is that what the Democrats aspire to as well?

  157. MEdward says:

    Good article Scott. Even better comments – some are bit off, but always thoughtful. I’m a true independent who votes blue but fiscally conservative. I nominate (I can do that right?!) Wes Moore for president. He’s done more during his bridge crisis than any other pol. I’ve been telling my far-lefty wife that Biden has been sunk for the past 2 years. Now she believes me. If Biden continues – you’re going to see the lowest percentage voter turn-out in decades – especially by young people. Biden’s cases is exemplar of so many old farts (yes, a political category) still in D.C. TIME FOR CHANGE! Happy Fourth to Scott and the Team.

  158. Chris Amendola says:

    Does the Democratic brand have a presidential problem?

    At this point, that a change from Biden to someone else will shift Democrats to a clear victory is wishful thinking. This thinking is as fantastical as much as somehow Biden will find the fountain of youth. If Biden does step away, the sky will not stop falling for Democrats, when their ‘new and improved’ candidate’s poll numbers bump up, but not past, Trump’s.

  159. Rahul says:

    Like you said, he must pass the baton. But honestly, will that make a difference? We can intentionally avoid the obvious, but what good does that make, now or later, does any dem carry the real potential to gather momentum against Trump with shifting demographics?

    • Chris Amendola says:

      I am right there with you. Is this the chance to scapegoat Biden for Trump’s lead?

  160. Benny Profane says:

    “How could we be this fucking stupid?”

    We? This has been obvious for a few years. Some of us saw it in plain sight, the rest of the world, blinded by TDS syndrome, actually thought he was okay.
    The REAL question, and much more important one, is, who the hell is running the country right now. It sure ain’t Biden. In a time of peace and relative boredom, this might be ok, but, we’re fighting a war in Ukraine against a heavily nuclear armed Russia, funding and arming a war and genocide in the Middle East, and threatening China AT THE SAME TIME! And we have an obviously very cognitively impaired, at times angry old man with the codes in a suitcase always near him. God help us all.

    • meau oiseau says:

      Umm, who’s running the country you ask? An excellent cabinet, the VP, and an army of devoted public servants across all agencies and from all walks of life (says this wife of a longtime fed gov’t employee).

    • Benny Profane says:

      An excellent cabinet?? The VP? That’s not how it’s supposed to work, dude. And, like I said, last time I looked, the excellent cabinet and the VP (gawd help us) do not command the most expensive and heavily nuclear armed military. Neither your dedicated “servants”.

  161. vikram says:

    Scott, you are so wrong here its incredible. Do you really believe the Dem establishment was naive about Biden’s health? This is a setup designed for one thing only – get him past the primaries and then get him to step down so they can replace him with Newsom etc. This is an end-run around the primary vote and any Democrat ought to be ashamed of themselves to vote for a party that cheats its own supporters. Your entire analysis is incorrect and naive. Between the two, there is no doubt Trump is the better choice and if you really think Jan 6 was an insurrection, you are stupider than I thought.

    • Tom says:

      At the risk of indulging a troll, WTF was Jan 6? A tailgate gone wrong? A peaceful demonstration that resulted in numerous assaults on cops? I’m pretty effing certain that if 10+ guys show up at your house or office, bearing baseball bats and zip ties, looking for YOU, you won’t be calling it a misunderstanding, or an expression of political dissent.

  162. William Lewis says:

    Biden steps down. Creates Harris/Newsom ticket for the win?

  163. Mark Sullivan says:

    And the award for best use of a William S Burroughs quote goes to . . .

  164. Harry Shearer says:

    I’m an admirer, but this was your best column yet. I hope somebody at 1600 reads it.

  165. DK says:

    Post deba(te)cle I also have received numerous democratic fundraising emails. All have been told: NO money until Biden steps down! I also conveyed this sentiment to my congressional reps.

  166. Jennifer Cue says:

    Brilliant! Thank you, as always, for telling it like it is.

  167. Alex Manzara says:

    Usually love your articles. Some interesting bits in this one, but your moral indignation regarding Trump seems to have blinded you. Really? Trump is genuinely bad and Biden is genuinely decent? You already made the argument that Biden is not decent: “I’m willing to take that gamble” and paraphrasing, “I have too big of an ego to step down for the good of the country.” Like social media algos your work typically decries, your article simply feeds into the “We should ALL HATE Trump” meme. How about attacking the dysfunction and corruption in BOTH parties, and arguing for a third party, or for some concrete changes in the system?

    • Rich Feller says:

      I don’t HATE Trump…he’s a person with a mental health problem…represents all that’s wrong with the financial power and the tyranny of wealth allowing purchase of pols in both parties sold to the highest bidder, organized lobby efforts, and tax policies favoring “privileged info”. I would not trust Trump near my child and cannot understand why anyone with respect for women or those with special needs could not see through his values.

    • Mark Sullivan says:

      Yes, I agree that the “dysfunction and corruption” (across both parties) is the main problem, and it was here long before Trump showed up. But we still have to recognize Trump as an immediate threat, he’s uniquely dirty and unbalanced enough to send us quickly down the road to authoritarianism. We have to reject him at the ballot box, and we really need to reject the media parasites like Facebook and Fox News who have perpetuated the division and partisan hate, and profited from it. To be honest I don’t hold out a lot of hope. It’s going to take a grass roots uprising against the rich/corporations/Wall Street (and the Washington it’s bought), and I don’t think Americans are up to it.

  168. John Krasznai says:

    Great article Scott. I am a Canadian observer of US politics so don’t have a lot of skin in the game although I have a lot of family in the US. I disagree that there are 2 alternatives to Biden. I think there is only one that would prevent an internecine war in the Democratic Party and that’s Kamala Harris. Didn’t Biden pick her as his successor in 2020 and is running with her in 2024 so the Democrats need to come together around her. I think this would lubricate Biden’s withdrawal. I believe it’s the fear that the Democrats will fracture so close to the convention that is causing Biden to hesitate.

  169. Mike Cook says:

    Scott always says it like it is. I’ve been saying since the debate: Why would someone under 30 vote for Biden after the debate? It’s not about what Biden’s already done. The election is about the future! Period. Scott drills it in – Biden is NOT GOING TO GET BETTER! To the Biden family: Withdraw for the good of the country.

  170. Lauren says:

    I agree with mostly everything you say here. I have been commenting on the NYT and other media sites. I have written to my senators. Biden has to go. But here is where I have concerns. Independents do not like Harris or Newson. Somehow Harris polls badly. I think she has gotten some unfair treatment, but she is not popular. We need excitement and someone different, outside of the Biden administration. The problem with Newsom is his home state. Center/Right people make fun of the progressive policies in that state that they attribute to Newsom. Whether they are right or not, the narrative has taken hold. So while both of them have name recognition, they are more recognized for negative things versus positive things. I don’t see how this beats Trump. I would love to hear your opinion on other potential candidates. Thanks

  171. Mark says:

    💯 Scott. It’s not too late to save democracy from ignorance. Now is the time.

  172. N V says:

    Scott, your scarcity point is an important one (and one that hasn’t been emphasized enough in the wider conversation on this topic). Biden should not view withdrawing as failure, but as going out on a high note. He has never lost a general election in his five decades of running in them. Sure, his accomplishments may not get the credit they deserve now, but history will remember him as a consequential and successful president. This isn’t about Biden himself being feeble or cognitively declined. It’s about him being 81 and doing a job that would exhaust – physically and mentally – someone half of his age while also doing a second job (campaigning for a second term) that would also exhaust that 40-year-old. No 81-year-old should be under the constant scrutiny that a president is necessarily under. This man deserves to retire with dignity, roam around in Ray-Bans, Bass Weejuns and Brooks Brothers, enjoy his family, and mentor the next generation of leaders. I fear that the stress of a gruelling campaign and (best-case scenario) a second term will send him to an early grave. America has been lucky to have Biden, not least because he came out of retirement and in his late seventies ran a hell of a campaign and beat Trump soundly. He can now get all the credit for defeating Trump a second time (through another candidate who would make Trump look ridiculous) while not having to go through a campaign. Sounds pretty good to me.

  173. Tim says:

    Newsom/Jeffries, or Newsom/Whitmer…pass the Baton, Joe. It’s time…the fucking future of this country depends on it.

    • Rich Feller says:

      yes to Jeffries as the VP issue is complex and very politically charged. His skills are needed as is a fresh and youthful voice. The VP $ and racial lens is important to consider as the F voice is key and non-majority WM lens has been heard long enough. Tough and important decision ahead.

    • Bill Ahlstrom says:

      As a California resident who supports what Gov Newsom has done and is doing, let me wave a big red flag: he is waaay to easy to caricature, demonize, and ridicule by endless video loops of homeless in SF and LA, wildfires, stories of corporations and residents moving to TX and FL, reparations for Black Americans…..The Trump/MAGA tsunami of falsity and lies will submerge Newsoms messages. And, dont forget, lots of Americans think CA is, how shall I say it, a bit goofy. is not Newsoms time.

  174. Rich Feller says:

    Brilliant analysis filled with the heart of a Dad, son of a single Mom, respect for the common good, and humility to appreciate the great privilege held as a result of being a WM who took risks and hit big with tech and investing. To whatever very small scale I am like you and will not send more $ until Good Joe steps down. The VP and CA gov. may work but bring no electoral votes from their states (already strongly Dem).

  175. Mike says:

    I think he’s done a great job during his tenure, and he’s right that 90 minutes doesn’t define a presidency. But the fact is that while his past is wonderful, the future for an 81 year old is highly questionable. He is clearly already very frail (as would be expected of an 81 year old). Imagine him at 86. I’m an educated healthy white guy who exercises vigorously 5-6 days per week. And the actuarial tables say I’ll die at 89. My guess is that the 5 years before that will be pretty sedentary, with both body and mind failing me. So, you’re right. Biology is highly likely to win over desire. Lastly, you mention Harris and Newsome. What about Whitmer? Buttigieg? Maybe not enough time in the oven for them? I would vote for any of the above, as I’m a Never-Trumper. I have TDS I suppose. I think everyone should have it. He’s a pariah.

    • Jen says:

      I write from Australia, where we are genuinely terrified about the state of American politics. The male ego seems stronger than any army, and more dangerous than any weapon.
      It is mind boggling to understand Trump’s power. Is theatrical campaign seems to have a hold over the entire nation. He has taken advantage of people’s fear, and put forward the world’s best marketing campaign. I get why naive people are attracted to him. He represents a return to a kind of tradition, which makes people feel safe. But he is the most dangerous man on the planet.
      God help us all. The introduction of global voting would fix this.

  176. Allison says:

    I can’t understand the adulation for Joe Biden. We’ve repeatedly seen footage + stills of him engaged in inappropriate contact with women + girls. (One easily googleable example: Lucy Flores.) He’s repeatedly made racial comments that would ignite your hair had they been Trump quotes – ex: Barak Obama as the “first mainstream African American who was articulate, bright and clean.” Holy freaking cow! He said that about BARAK OBAMA! How’d you like that “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” He eulogized former KKK member. Byrd, at some point, renounced his advocacy of the KKK, but would that matter if it had been a Republican? Biden is or was skimming 10% from Hunter Biden selling access to THE BIG GUY. He dropped out of the 1988 presidential race over a plagiarism scandal. He lies repeatedly about his past – law school graduation claims, the number of degrees he’s claimed, family members being cannibalized, Nelson Mandela arrest claim, Beau Biden dying in Iraq, etc. I’ve gotta think you know all this stuff, Scott. The guy is a sneering, opportunistic politician.

    • Rich Feller says:

      The challenge we face is finding “truth” which is shaped by the “facts” chosen to tint our lens. I’m pleased you follow Scott knowing your comment does not match my lived experience. Yet I’m open to your take as I seek increasingly better data. thanks

    • Mark Sullivan says:

      Respect your facts and opinion, but Biden wants to do democracy and the other guy doesn’t.

  177. Jeffrey Saad says:

    100% brilliant as always.

  178. Eileen Toth says:

    WOW – there may be light at the end of this tunnel – this post gives me hope! Let’s see what happens…

  179. MM says:

    Democrats are great at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I agree with you that Biden is old, but Trump is only 3 years younger and his liabilities, a mile long, disqualify him from getting anywhere near the presidency again, and the Republicans have all fallen in lock-step behind him. The Democrats are acting like Biden runs the government on its own. As a Black woman, I would love to see Kamala Harris head the ticket, but as Black woman in this country, that’s not going to happen. Why? America! This country is still too racist and sexist to elect a Black Woman as president. The media, and I’m including you Scott in this categorization, have all jumped on board with the overemphasis on Biden’s age, and not given equal coverage to Trump’s football-length list of liabilities – indictments, pending court cases, incoherent ramblings, talk of being a dictator on day one, Project 2025, and more. There are still voters that haven’t dialed into this race, but when they do, they will see this lopsided coverage highlighting Biden’s age and not Trump’s manifest unfitness for office. And if he wins, it will be in part because the media didn’t learn its lesson about Hillary’s emails, and/or was secretly in bed for Trump all along.

  180. Yehudith Girshberg says:

    Hello Scott.

    To start with I have to say that my sensitivities are offended by your choice to use vulgar words to make a point. Trust me in the dictionary there are other words you could have chosen

    But aside from my repulsion to your use of bad words, the only thing I agree with you on is that Biden is totally senile and has no right to be in the Oval Office. And yes he is being “helped” by many. That means he is a puppet to many. And yes his dear wife is fully aware of his condition and IF she loved him would let him retire.

    But the desire for power by the Biden’s means that poor Joe cannot be put out to pasture. He must stay even if it kills him.

    Trump is at least honest to who he is. Like him for himself or not, that is your choice. But we know who he really is.

    In Biden’s case he is just an Obama puppet.

    I don’t love Trump and find him a bit rough. But for sure I would never vote for Harris, who is a fool and never accomplished anything prior or since joining the White House. Nor would I vote for Newson, who turned California into a land of homeless sleeping in tents.

    Kennedy is the only one that can really win this election as he attracts all of those in the middle. Those that supported Biden and are sorry and those that supported Trump because he was the only option.

    Isn’t it time we had a real candidate to vote for. Not to cast our votes for someone because impossible to support the other option.

  181. Jim Wilson says:

    President & VP have to be from different states, don’t they? Would this impede a Newsom-Harris or Harris-Newsom ticket?

    • chucktin says:

      In 1999, didn’t stop Darth Cheney, even tho he was clearly a citizen of Texas, with “ties” to Wyoming.

  182. Mark says:

    At the risk of sounding like a mercenary, the decision should be about who provides the best chance of winning and why Joe Biden is an incredibly decent man, he is not it. I am 56 and in every Presidential contest I have heard “this is the most consequential election of our lives”. This time it is 100% true. DJT is a truly vile, evil, and hateful human being who has and is ruining the decency of American culture. He must be stopped. It is for this reason I agree with Scott and believe he will step down.

  183. javier says:

    I would like to know the data and facts to say that Biden has been one of the greatest presidents of all time, at best he has been meh. Kamala doesn’t have the personality or followers for that. And Newsom will be like having Justin Trudeau in charge of the USA (just look at the disaster that is Canada nowadays).
    I’ve been following Prof G for many years and it is a shame to see him so blindsided and biased.

  184. Mullins says:


  185. Charles Kirk says:

    Suffice to say, national politics is not your forte, and as Kagan declared about her SCOTUS brethren, you too show an astonishing amoiunt of hubris. In what universe would anyone describe KH’s stint as AG and Senator as “strong?” She was polling at 2% in the 2020 primaries. She dropped put before the Iowa caucus. She is detestable, incoherent, and unintelligent. Biden’s handlers danced to the tune Clyburn played for him, and now the Devil’s bill has come due. Anyone not drinking Dem Kool-Aid knew Biden was a dim bulb backbench Senator before his brain started decomposing. Now the Dems want people to vote for a senior citizen who can scarcely tie his own shoes to run the country for another four years? He is not a genuinely nice person, but a grifter, being led astray by conniving familly members making bank of his influence. He did no favors appointing KH as border czarina, as that collossal fustercluck is a millstone around her politcal future. Hoo Boy, a fine mess you have gotten us into this time, Ollie!

  186. Peter Coates says:

    I, personally, liked Hillary Clinton. But only and insanely arrogant political party would have run her in 2016. She was a decent person, highly qualified, capable, and intelligent, but a lighting rod for hatred based on deep cultural forces. I don’t know of any politician during my lifetime who was as intensely disliked at a gut level. Nixon would be the second most, but by a pretty wide margin. Almost anyone else could have beat Donald Trump, but we insisted it was ‘her turn’ i.e., time for a woman, based on an agenda, not on listening to the people. Now, we’re spinning up to do the same thing with Harris. I was the first person I know of who said, “Hmmm, she could run for president” during the Kavenaugh hearings. But time has shown her to be maybe not so great, and the country absolutely does no like her, and likes her less as time goes by. It’s not that she’s a woman—people don’t like her, and see her as a person who was elevated purely because she’s a woman of color. Fair or unfair? I don’t care—she would be a worse candidate than Clinton, and IMO, virtually guarantee a Trump victory. They both should step aside and have an open convention.

  187. Bill Damroth says:

    I believe many will agree that neither political party is offering their best in the forthcoming election. Each person probably has a hot issue that will largely govern how they will vote. I know abortion is a painful issue, and many would say a man should have no say. However, I am an orphan from birth and am glad nobody deemed me as unnecessary. Again, while not a fan of either candidate I have to vote for the one that better represents my viewpoint about the sanctity of the unborn child. It is not the only important issue, but from my path in life I realize that my birth was a 50/50 proposition. Thankfully my biological mother let me live, despite the pressure she faced to terminate me. So, I do have a right to comment.

  188. Mike S says:

    I completely agree that Gavin Newsom would be the best choice. He has the debate skills, a true dislike of DJT and his movie star good looks will definitely “get the vote out”. Who would America like to see on TV more DJT or a President Newsom? The answer is clearly Newsom

    • Bill ahlstrom says:

      As a California resident who supports what Gov Newsom has done and is doing, let me wave a big red flag: he is waaay to easy to caricature, demonize, and ridicule by endless video loops of homeless in SF and LA, wildfires, stories of corporations and residents moving to TX and FL, reparations for Black Americans…..The Trump/MAGA tsunami of falsity and lies will submerge Newsoms messages. And, dont forget, lots of Americans think CA is, how shall I say it, a bit goofy. is not Newsoms time.

  189. David A says:

    I think the only mistake you are making is omitting the fact that Biden has already been sequestered from public view. He HAS experienced an infinite number of small private and public humiliations every day. And because of this his family has likely also become blind and numb to the reality of this current race. I also want to be hopeful, but naturally, the more I wait for him to step down, the more I lose faith.

    • Bob in VA says:

      Um Dave, I think you missed the lengthy exposure that Prof. G have to that topic – i.e. charts, etc. Plz reread 🙂

  190. Matt says:

    I don’t understand why Prof. Galloway calls himself a democrat. Unless you work in politics (and maybe he does), the appropriate way to look at it is “us” and “them” where “us” is people who are not in the political class but have to live with their schemes.

    Whatever this set of people who call themselves democrats is, I’m not having it. Likewise, I don’t identify with MAGA. There are parts I like on both sides, but it’s honestly harder to find stuff I, who never voted republican in my life, like with the Democrats than the non-Democrats.

    This ~30 year version of the democratic party has gone bankrupt on 1) war 2) censorship 3) labor 4) fake social justice 5) oh yeah banks get a pass 6) fake fix healthcare 7) the licking of the lips when anything too fascist is placed on the table (oh, you mean I can just make people do what I say if I have lots of money, and my pals will get rich?!?).

    It’s all disgusting. And this Weekend at Biden’s clown show – what more evidence do you need that something evil has taken hold in the party?

    Don’t call yourself a democrat if this all disgusts you. That doesn’t mean you have to call yourself a republican. Don’t call yourself anything but an American, and start looking for ways to take power from the political class until it starts to behave. Just like a child.

  191. Patricia Duncan says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is exactly what I have believed for a long time.

  192. Tamara Ford says:

    This is spot on!

  193. Randy McCormack says:

    The job of any leader is to prepare their successor to assume his or her role. In that respect President Biden has failed by working hard to win a second term. This is after he stated four years ago he was to be a transitional president. So sad.

  194. Tracey says:

    This is spot on. I hope Biden steps aside. I have to think he will do so. He’s been a team player and despite what the news is coming out of his camp, I think that the numbers will ultimately cause him to cave. I truly believe he loves the country more than he needs to fulfill some need to run again. The decline in his ability to speak coherently (and worse – intelligibly) has been abundantly clear to anyone paying attention. And saying he has more good days than bad days doesn’t cut it in a job where there are no real vacations from the work. RBG has to be on his mind and I hope that his inner circle can see this. For them to counsel him to stay in the race at this point seems like it’s more for them than for the good it will do him. As a guy, I get that men typically experience a sharp decline in their health when they retire. But running the country isn’t a hobby/

  195. Bill Ahltrom says:

    I’d prefer the idea floated by some Dem Natl Committee members and Anne Applebaum (Atlantic: Time to Roll the Dice) where Biden withdraws gracefully and DNC organizes primary style contest among all those who declare with winner to be decided at Dem Natl Convention. This would certainly break Trumps hold on the news cycle, would showcase new talent (including the governors of critical states) and set the stage for truly next generation leadership. And what a contrast with Trump and his MAGA GOP!
    As a California resident who supports what Gov Newsom has done and is doing, let me wave a big red flag: he is waaay to easy to caricature, demonize, and ridicule by endless video loops of homeless in SF and LA, wildfires, stories of corporations and residents moving to TX and FL, reparations for Black Americans….. now is not Newsoms time.

    Focus on who can win the election…not the debates. Who is strong on : Themes, values, and stories (like Joe Biden). Who can remind voters of Trumpian lies and chaos and the authoritarian threats he and Project 2025 pose. And sketch an overall vision of public servants governing for the common good. Not get drawn into the minutiae of data to defend the last 4 years against a firehose of falsity and lies. (The trap Bidens staff apparently fell into preparng him for teh debate)

  196. S.S. says:

    100% agree with your assessment. He needs to do the right thing for his country, and he needs to do it quickly.

  197. Sandy Laube says:

    Time to go is not just about Biden, it’s about when has the US crossed the Rubicon and it’s time to go. Even if Biden wins, the SCOTUS is stacked for at least a decade with Federalist Society judges that are committed to shrinking the size of the government. While this may not be a bad thing in an of itself, the government could use a little reduction, the way applied will certainly be a pro-business agenda. Our entire problem right now is the pro-business agenda, which has resulted in inflation of both goods and housing and resulted in declining living standards for the middle class. Corporations, on the other hand, are delivering the highest profits in history. But let’s blame the decline in living standards on immigrants….

    When is it time to go? When SCOTUS gives states the right to set an “official religion”, which is about to be tested. That is the Rubicon and anyone not a mainstream Christian needs to get out because it’s only a matter of time. History is full of examples of how this turns out.

    • Matt says:

      I promise you, decentralizing agency authority is less pro-business than the way it was under Chevron. Under Chevron DC was one-stop shopping. At least now you have to peddle influence in each of the federal judicial districts. That’s not going to be great for big business. That’s 50 lobbyists instead of 5.

  198. J Vernon says:

    A complicit media, a calcified insider-run party, and the old money from older generations. All of it adds up to be half-truths, nepotistic behavior, greed and a families lust for power. I hope the Democrats can break free from these tired shackles and find an outsider to shake things up.

  199. Kirsch says:

    You’re fooling yourself, still. Harris/Newsome? Have you really been watching? It will be four years of lame duck then maybe we can get to normal.

  200. Michael Prouting says:

    Looking on the bright side, it’s nice to have an animal, a vegetable, and a mineral among our choices for President. “The two most likely candidates to replace Biden are Vice President Harris and California Governor Newsom. Nobody else has the name recognition.” I agree with the former but disagree strongly with the latter. Michelle Obama would electrify the Democratic base and many independents and she would likely steamroller Trump; sadly the Democratic political machine is unlikely to offer us that option.

  201. Anthony says:

    As much as I agree with everything you point out in your piece, I’m not sure Biden is going to step down. He seemed pretty adamant when asked on July 4th that he isn’t going anywhere. I admire Joe Biden and have supported him vehemently. He has done great things for this country, but the greatest thing he could do is step aside. The risk of losing to a man who is unfit is too great.

  202. brian says:

    Scott, I read your last book and enjoyed the read but your perspective on Biden is similar to the lying press and white house as we have been duped for the last four years. I don’t take you as a cheesy marketing guy just saying stuff to get email addresses and people’s reactions. Come on dude. It would help if you pushed for the media to be the beacon of truth, not clickbait. Do better and maybe I (we) will continue to subscribe to your newsletter otherwise you will start to show that you too are full of it.

    Clickbait is not love, it’s hate. do better!

  203. M Camlet says:

    I agree, especially about the curse of winning a second term where Biden slowly dies in office.

  204. Andrew says:

    I will not be convinced America will be ready for a woman president until it actually happens. I also have a feeling after Obama, a very significant number of people do not want a non-white person as president again. Maybe there are those other important voices who think Biden should leave the race. But, I feel the other side of this issue will be whom else can defeat Trump? And I feel like Biden’s gut feeling is that no one else will. So, he has to stay.

    Now, if Biden dies during the campaign, that will be another matter and my feelings are Biden will think the Democratic Party will find a suitable replacement if the fates remove Biden if he or the Democratic Party will not or can not.

    By the way, the unspoken question is what happens if Trump dies during the campaign? Then, you will see a Republican side in more disarray than anyone will believe it is in currently.

  205. Roberto Leon says:

    Like pro athletes and coaches, too many hold on until they bat .198 in their last season rather than recognize reality and graciously step out when still playing well. Movies, too. See, e.g., Bela Lugosi.

  206. Herm Stonitsch says:

    Scenario 1B is that he resigns this weekend completely, not just withdraws from the race. That would elevate VP Harris to president now which would eliminate, for the most part, the messiness of a battle of who should lead the ticket.

  207. Mike Packer says:

    Thanks for this, Scott. I’ve been super dark since the debate and JRB’s un-willingness to bow out. Reading this confirms to me that A. someone else feels the same, and B. Newsome and/or Harris would kick Trumps ass. My money is on Harris. Here’s to hoping that comes to fruition!

  208. Joe McKenna says:

    As an outsider (from Scotland) I would make one important point. Biden may be old but he has advisors who aren’t and he believes in the democratic process. Trump is old but he promotes and autocratic system whereby he makes decisions regardless of the views of others. What system do you want to support?

  209. Col says:

    I hope you are right that love will save the day. But I’m not so sure.

    Any family member who would permit their loved one to go out and debate in that condition isn’t loving them. I walked away from that debate pitying Biden along with thoughts of elder abuse.

    And Jill Biden knows his condition. “You answered all the questions. you knew all the answers!” If that is a compliment, things might even be much worse than they appear.

    I’m like you Scott. I abhor Trump but I see him winning if Biden stays in.

  210. Cassandro says:

    Hello! Good article.

    I don’t think Kamela Harris is the best choice as a replacement for Declining Joe.
    I think it should be up to the Convention delegates. Personally, I think Whitmer is a
    strong alternative while Newsom is much weaker than he appears. Also, going with
    Cory Booker as VP gives a talented and diverse team – a good presentation. But,
    the key conclusion is Sleepy Joe will lose badly in November if he doesn’t stand
    down. Jill, family members, and Democrat leaders need to speak up . Joe is
    toast after the recent well documented slips, both in the debate and after.
    If we don’t speak up, we are sheep! Our children deserve more!

  211. Sharon Patel says:

    As a life long Democrat, it saddens me that we are here. I recall that Biden said originally he would be one-term and hand off the baton. Am I now senile? To old white guys, Time to move on now Democrats. Let’s show the Republicans how to do it.

    • Anthony says:

      I’m not sure he used the words one term president, rather if memory serves, he said he would be a transitional president. In political speak, you could argue that many ways.

  212. Phyllis says:

    On Mount Rushmore? LMFAO

  213. James Hunt says:

    Always enjoy your writing, professor, even when I disagree. You’re capable of accepting a reality different from your world view, which is unusual among pundits. Now that you’ve acknowledged that JRB is non compos mentis, perhaps you’ll soon grasp the criminal enterprise at which has long been the center. Hunter’s laptop is real, and it’s spectacular.

  214. Feran says:

    Interesting that you brought up the name Estes Kefauver. In 1952 the Democrats chose Adlai Stevenson rather than continue with Harry Truman. You know what happened.

  215. Paula R says:

    A,en, brother

  216. joan breibart says:

    JILL Biden can convince her husband to leave. She knows: “The Natural Superiority of the Female Sex” by Ashley Montagu, a British Anthropologist. I am 83, my husband died years ago. Men are weaker. They can have happy years together if he recognizes the stress of the job will ruin his health.

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